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Last patch didnt prevent tower dive low level

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Woll lloW

Senior Member


I know it's not all played that realized it but since last patch i tower dive easy early game.
I tower dive lvl2-3 now and it's just too lol. O yeah the tower have 20% armor pen(euh k but early game we have almost no armor 13 to 30) + the tower dealing -10% dmg on champion. And ut's very easy if you tower dive while u have siege a tower bc it reduce his damage haha.

So if you like to dive dive early game tower dive is joke and very easy to do. Need to find a better way to prevent it early game. I would rather give tower Black Ceaver effect than ignore armor lol. Make tower reduce armor by X and no limit stack after 20min that effect is disabled if u want peoples be able to backdoor towers after 20min

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Wait, you're complaining about tower-diving because you're good at it? o.0

I don't know what kind of people you play against, but the ability to tower dive comes from a player's own ability to harass a champion down to a diveable range, and it's prevented by an enemies' ability to not get harassed. I can often dive somebody in mid by level 5 if they're mediocre, maybe earlier if they just suck. Most times, though, my opponent and I are fairly evenly matched, and I won't be able to dive until 7 or later.

Idk, maybe you're just the god of early game. In any case, I really don't think that diving is an issue.