Karthus Kares [Shadow Priest GUIDE]

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So, it's almost Valentines day, and while playing as everybody's favorite lich I came to discover an unusually effective support item which may help a team. That item is the Innervating locket.

This item probably works best since I'm usually in a pre-made team and we are communicating (the best advice for any team out there really) so please, if your new to the character...or just not sure your going to be near your team alot, use one of the other guides .


Start of Game
1) Sapphire Crystal 1 health, 1 mana.

2) Tear of the Goddess, more potions (your choice, I usually keep one handy since i'm soloing)

3) Basic boots -or- finish Archangel's.

4) Finish the Boots (either SORCERER'S or MERCURY are good )

Middle of Game
5)Start INNERVATING LOCKET, I usually take the MANA MANIPULATOR route if I'm sure I'm going to get locket. Otherwise if your nervous, take the CATALYST (can become RoA)

End of Game
6) from here on out, finish Zhoyna's or RoA. get BOTH, but order is up to you. If your not dying alot and successful with your ultimate, get Zhoyna's. If your life is somehow hurting, get RoA. Simple enough .

7) if you make it to a last item. Abyssmal Scepter is nice, so is another Second RoA.
all depending on style.

You will still do a hefty amount of damage, but not as much as a straight AP build. The nice addition of this Innervating Locket however is that you can heal your team and yourself while your just spamming Q. The locket doesn't work on EVERY Q you press (there is a cooldown) but it does every 3 or so, and trust me, you'll NEVER run out of mana...even with Defile on (E), you lose a mana ALOT slower. Also did I mention this makes you like...a shadow priest? Cool right? You can also scream "KARTHUS KARES!" alot.

You will not do as much damage, in fact you'll do considerably less. This is something alot of Karthus players are not used to since he is a nuke machine. Your defile will also be alot less effective without the AP, so stick to Q-ing until needed in the middle of the fight. Also, Locket is mad expensive, but come on....your karthus!

1) Lay Waste [Q]
2) Defile [E]
3) Lay Waste [Q]
4) Wall of Pain [W]
5) Lay Waste [Q]
6) Requim [R]

--Now finish [Q], than [E], than [W] ....always getting [R] when it arrives!


Archmage's Savvy = 3
Deadliness = 1
Sorcery = 4
Burning Embers = 1

Good Hands = 3
Perserverance = 3
Awareness = 4
Expanded Mind = 4
Meditation = 3
Intelligance = 3
Presence of the Master = 1


Ignite + [Exhaust or Teleport or Ghost or Flash or Clarity..heck even Cleanse isnt too bad!]....Basically make sure to have Ignite.

1) Try to get solo, and if not solo, go with someone who can farm well. Karthus is a greedy man with his lay waste and can eat creeps like nobody's business. Also, getting his ult quick is a double + for the team.

2) It's nice to keep potions when your squishy. You may think your wasting money, but you could be dead!

3) With this build, try not to rush in with defile AS much. Your alittle less powerful in this build...you wont just mow them down like a lawnmower.

4) ALWAYS talk with your team about how you will call your ult. ALWAYS! Let them know when you have it, even when the damage increases. Communication is your best friend.

5) Spam Q. After locket it heals and you don't really lose mana anyways at that point.

6) Q where you think people are going, not where they currently are. Good areas are next to your creeps, or behind the person.

7) Wall of pain is awesome for running away, also good for helping protect you and your tank while you wail on towers. Lay it out behind the tower and it will give you more vision to see but also slow down heroes who pass through.

Hope you have fun with this build, Happy V-day and remeber... Karthus Kares.