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@ Riot I am disapointed... More than before...

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Now hear me out please~ I'm from Canada, lived there my whole life and the suddenly I had to come to South Korea. It's only been a year and everything is still new to me. The culture, food, even the language is all foreign to me.

The main thing in my life right now, to be honest, is LoL.
I play it every single day and it's what keeps my mind from thinking depressing thoughts because I can't do ANYTHING here (I'm 16) nor do I have any friends. I can't go to school because I don't know Korean (Although I am Korean) and the international school just cost too much for me.

Singed was a champ I picked up JUST because if I could somehow get RP in South Korea, I wanted to buy his Riot skin. However, I realized that getting RP and the skin itself wasn't possible. But today I have a chance and one of you can make it happen for me. I don't know what I can do for you in return (maybe I could find a Pantheon promo?) but I would REALLY appreciate it if someone with the skin already goes to PAX and could give me their promo.

Or if you just don't like Singed and could give it to me...but anyways, RP is extremely hard to get so my friend in Canada got me one 10 card and I only bought 520 skins on sale (260) and I just simply can't afford Riot Singed.
Please, can anyone be so kind as to help make my wishes come true?
It would make living in South Korea a tad bit easier for me

Leave a reply if you can. If you want to add my LoL account, it's ShadyStories
I know... ShadyStories but it's legit. I named it after Eminem. Someone else who helped me tough it out here. Thanks, I REALLY appreciate it.

EDIT EDIT EDIT Epic Guinsoo and all his epicness has offered me a trade: one of my poor art works of Singed for a promo code!. Thanks a BUNCH to Riot and all it's staff for helping me during my hard times. I really REALLY appreciate it and I'll get working on my ridiculous artwork ASAP!

EDIT 2 : Guinsoo, My e-mail is [email]jacob-kin@hotmail.com[/email] so that you don't get confused with the others.

EDIT 3: Here's my artwork! I have no experience with photoshop or anything like that so I'm really sorry. I also fail really hard at art in general in real life (I only play piano (music=art?) and I can't read sheet music either, just memorize songs). It IS honestly the best I could produce... Thanks all. Thanks especially to Riot. I have not gotten a message back after my e-mail to them yet.

If you make me some art of Singed, I will send you a Riot Singed code; I have a few extras laying around.

If interested send me an email - guinsoo at riotgames dot com

If this is true... It is realy sad...

I didnt forget that some players had already the luck to receive a pantheon + his skin for free beacause they didnt want to play the game any more. And players Who spend a lot of money in this game to buys skins, runes pages, champions are totaly ignored....

If you have to do some favour like that do it without let us know because it **ed me off to spend money in this game when i know that people beg you in the forums and then they got what they want !

oh wait !

I paid for pantheon with ip from games i played,i paid for rp to buy perseus pantheon skin ( that i love by the way it looks cool)But you give it to EVERYONE who quit the game.Not cool riot,not cool.

We greatly value our loyal players and will have more info on this soon.

This !

I am still waiting...