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New Champions, How good?

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Haha, thanks. Since you mentioned you like Morgana and want a new mage, I think you look at Lux, Swain, and Kennen first. They all have elements similar to Morgana.

Lux has a skill-shot root very much like Morgana, an circle AOE, a damage shield, and a long-range AOE ult. She focuses more on range and AOE instead of damage and CC.

Swain doesn't has an AOE root that works much like Cho'Gath's rupture. He also has pretty good single-target damage, because of his damage amplifying skill Torment.

Kennen has a skill-shot, the new energy system (which means he has very little down-time), and a lot of CC. If you used to run in with Morgana's ultimate and activate Zhonya's ring, Kennen does basically the same thing.

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out of the list he gave you...the ones played most and most popular IN GENERAL are

shen, kennen, akali, malzahar, xin zhao, vladimir, urgot, miss fortune(until she got nerfed), irelia (rumors of an incoming nerf),

shen i would say is probably the most banned champ out of all those.

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Thank you all very much.

I guess I dated myself a little bit as the first 3 or 4 champions you listed was around for.

I think I'm definitely going to look into Swain and Lux. I love champions with skillshots so thats good, and just think Swain is kind of bad ass haha.

Well I'm at it, if anyone feels like being super helpful:

What are good general runes for caster/melee. Just something that will be good to use with all champs since I dont want to specify my rune book just yet

For caster I'm thinking:
Red: ?
Yellow: Mana Regen per level
Blue: Flat CD reduction
Quints: ?CD?

For melee I'm thinking:
Red: Crit damage
Yellow: Armor?
Blue: Probably just used the CD reduction
Quints: Crit damage?

Thanks so much, glad to see the community is still strong.