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I agree with other, Rune cap raised or removed. Also a Delete funtion would be GREAT!. A spot to remove runes and or at least for the Beta a remove ALL runes option.

Now to the point. The rune system was really well thought out but theres a ton on confusion.

Can't it be as simple as.

5 lvl 1's = lvl 2
3 lvl 2's = lvl 3
2 lvl 3's = Quitessence.

And just factor it by the majority of one rune when combined = the next one up.
For instance.

5 Lvl 1's: +10hp, +10mp, +2crit, +10hp, +1Hpregen = Lvl 2 20hp Rune
3 Lvl 2's: +20hp, +20mp, +4crit, +20hp, +1HpRegen = Lvl 3 30hp Rune
2 lvl 3's: +30hp, +30mp, +6crit, +30hp, +3HpRegen = Quitessence 50hp Rune

This above showing that when combined it chose the HP bonus over the others because
there was more than one. Also for a person who added of of each you could either make
a special rune adding a .01 of everything


just give them a random rune of the next
Lvl if they didn't supply two runes of the same benefit.
as shown below.

3 Lvl 2's: +20hp, +20mp, +4crit, +20hp, +1HpRegen = lvl 3 Random Rune

Of course you would also need to code it for the case of them adding a double of two runes.

5 Lvl 1's: +10hp, +10mp, +4crit, +10hp, +10mp = = Lvl 2 20hp or 20 mp Rune

Also could you put back the Crit and other runes you removed, Some of us like to
PWN late game over early. :P

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good idea, i do think something needs to change with the rune system, its pretty annoying trying to test things out

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I'd also like to be able to toggle to just a list of runes and their abilities without the icons. Especially right now where you have 120 runes to sort through, it's madness sometimes.