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[SUGGESTION] Stop re-queueing on AFK

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Heat n Serve

Senior Member


Sometimes players go afk but are still in queue. Then they join a game. Any sensible person in the game lobby that sees the afk user is not selecting a champion or responding in chat will likely queue dodge to avoid a 4v5 match. Thus the afk user gets tossed back into the matchmaking pool to screw up another lobby and make someone else queue dodge. If you could sense someone's afk status, you could prevent them from going back into the pool. Implementing this could probably prevent 5% of the queue-dodges.

My own experience has taught me to not stay in a lobby when someone has not selected a champ. The last time I did stay, and the game started, we ended up with someone afk at fountain for nearly 10 minutes until he came to a lane and said, "w-t-f? I joined a game?"

Yea, guess what the outcome of that game was for my team.