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(TT) Xin Zhao

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I am not the "World's Best" Xin Zhao, nor am I the best LoL Player. I primarily
play Normal TT so this guide is geared towrds TT.


Damage 49 (+3.3 / per level)
Health 445 (+87 / per level)
Mana 213 (+31 / per level)
Move Speed 320
Armor 16.2 (+3.7 / per level)
Spell Block 30 (+1.25 / per level)
Health Regen 1.4 (+0.14 / per level)
Mana Regen 1.32 (+0.09 / per level)


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Ministry - N.W.O.

(Q) Three Talon Strike

Xin Zhao's next 3 standard attacks deal increased damage, with the third attack knocking an opponent into the air.

Xin Zhao prepares to unleash a fearsome combo, causing his next 3 standard attacks to deal 15/30/45/60/75 (+) physical damage, with the final attack knocking his opponent into the air.

Cost 30/30/30/30/30 Mana Range 375

(W) Battle Cry

Xin Zhao passively increases his attack speed and can activate this ability to further increase attack speed and lower his ability cooldowns with each attack.

Passive: Increases Xin Zhao's attack speed by 15/20/25/30/35%.

Active: Xin Zhao unleashes a battle cry, increasing his attack speed by double the passive amount for 5 seconds, and causing his standard attacks to reduce all other ability cooldowns by 1 second.

Activating this ability removes the passive bonus until this ability refreshes.
Cost 35/35/35/35/35 Mana Range 20

(E) Audacious Charge

Xin Zhao charges an enemy, dealing damage and slowing it and all other enemies in the area. Xin Zhao charges an enemy unit, dealing 70/110/150/190/230 (+0.4) magic damage to all nearby enemies and slowing them by 20/25/30/35/40% for 1.7 seconds.

Cost 70/70/70/70/70 Mana Range 650

(R) Crescent Sweep

Xin Zhao fiercely sweeps his spear around him, dealing damage to nearby enemies based on their current health.
Xin Zhao unleashes a fierce spear sweep on targets around him, dealing 125/225/325 + 20/20/20% of their current health in physical damage. His magic resistance and armor are increased by 30/40/50 for the next 6 seconds.
Cost 100/100/100 Mana Range 20

Passive: Tireless Warrior

Xin Zhao restores 30 health for every 3 attacks that he lands. This amount increases by 5 every 2 levels

Obviously, you want to give stat priorty to your (R) after that it all depends on your item build. Do you have to build Mercury's Treads? Is it going to be a while until you can get an attack speed item? In that case I feel after your (R) that your (W) should have priority once you have at least 1 lvl in (Q) and (E).

That said, I usually grab (Q) first followed by (E) then (W) and level them all evenly. Some Xin Players max (E) for a shorter cooldown on it (which I feel (W) does just fine) or (Q) for Dmg.


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Nin Inch Nails - Burn

Mark (Red): Desolation (1.67 Armor Peneration)
Seal (Yellow): Alacrity ( 0.76 Attack Speed)
Glyph (Blue): Celerity (0.05 Cooldown Reduction per Level 0.9 at Lvl 18)
Quintessence (Purple): Desolation (3.32 Armor Peneration)

Why attack speed runes instead of dodge, armor, mana per level?

First, Xin, even in the early game, if you manage your abilities, does not have mana issues. Mid game and late game the MP5 seals are effectively not doing anything for you. Second, I build my armor through items and it becomes worthless against a primarily Magic Dmg team. Third, you can't stack enough dodge to really make it matter and the RNG can make it utterly worthless. You also can't dodge spells. So I pick something that has sinergy with all of Xin's abilities and makes the early game a bit more bearable. That way I don't waste my Seals.

Summoner Spells:

I always have Ghost with Xin because I do not usually grab Boots of Swiftness Boots of Mobility, Force of Nature or Zeal/Phantom Dancer. The speed boost helps you escape or close with a target.

My second spell depends on whether we need a Blind or an Ignite. If we have both I generally go with Ignite.


I run a 22/0/8 build which equates to:

Offense Tree:

3/3 Deadliness
1 Cripple
4/4 Alacrity
4/4 Sorcery
3/3 Sunder
3/3 Brute Force
3/3 Lethality
1/1 Havoc

Utility Tree:
1 Haste
3/3 Perseverence
4/4 Awarness

Your basic Damage build. With Sunder and your Armor Pen Marks and Quints you have 31 armor pen starting which typically negates all of your enemy's armor starting off allowing for max damage during your opening gank. You have 10.9% Attack Speed startng as well.


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MDFM - Gasoline

You should be adaptable when it comes to item selection with Xin. He has several ways and methods to building him. I am going to give a Attack Speed/Armor Penetration/Damage build. A lot of others build him with Cooldown Reduction in mind. When building him take a look at the other other teams and yours. Deceide what both team compositions allow either team to do and what role you are going to accomplish. With this in mind your first starting item should build you to that point.

The first item I rush is Wriggle's Lantern so I usually start with either Cloth Armor or a Longsword.

This allows me free wards for map control and the ability to grab buffs out of the jungle with ease. It also gives you combat sustainability through armor and Lifesteal. In addition, should I face a high health based team I can forgo Wriggle's Lantern and grab Madred's Bloodrazor instead.

Next I grab Boots. Usually inbetween my starting item and finishing Wriggle's Lantern I will grab my Basic Boots. What those boots become depends on the team I am facing. If they are heavy CC or Magic based I grab Mercury's Treads if they are Heavy Physical Dmg based I grab Ninja Tabi. Rarely will I grab Bezerker's Greaves or Boots of Swiftness.

Your third item is really going to depends on what you are facing and how you are doing?
Need to be more durable? Grab a defensive item Banshee's Veil for Magic Dmg/Disable teams or Randuin's Omen for Physical Dmg based teams. Those are your two bread and butter defense items.

Randuin's Omen is particularly good for you. It gives 300 Health, 25 per 5 Health Regen, 80 Armor and 5% Cooldown Reduction. It's passive slows both attack speed and movement speed (20% chance on hit) by 30%. It's active gives the same slow as it's passive but in a AoE effect that last 2 seconds + .5 per 100 armor and magic resist.

Banshee's Veil, grants 375 Health, 375 Mana and 50 Magic resistance. It's passive eats 1 negative spell every 30 seconds.

If you do not need the Defense early then I rush Black Cleaver starting with Dagger . Most carries do not stack a lot of armor. This, in addition to your Purples and Reds, will like bring them to 0 armor or into the negative (allowing for addition dmg).

Your last few items are all situational. You can build more defense (like Thornmail for facing Master Yi or Tryndamere), more dmg (like the Bloodthirster) or more attack speed and armor penetration (or you are facing Jax then Sword of the Divine).
I tend to sell Wriggle's when it has out lived it's usefullness and pick up Stark's Fervor or the Bloodthirster. I like to Build Youmuu's Ghostblade after my first 4 items, the movement speed, attack speed from the active as well as the 20% Cooldown Reduction,15% Critical strike and 30 dmg are nice around this time. Usually the game is over when you are on your 4th item or even third item.

So you'll end up looking like this for the most part:

Wriggle's Lantern (Later into The Bloodthirster or Starks Fervor)
Mercury's Treads/Ninja Tabi
Black Clever
Randuin's Omen/Banshee's Veil
Youmuu's Ghostblade
Sword of the Divine

Now, Xin's weakness is Blinds and Stuns, especially with this build. You can't benefit from lifesteal if you are not doing damage to a target. Slows are not that big of a deal because your (E) has a low cooldown.

Anti-Tank/Health Stacking Build:

Madred's Bloodrazor
Mercury's Tread's
Wit's End ( a Tank with no mana can not taunt plus it gives you MR and 42 Dmg when they will likely stack armor to stop you)
Banshee's Veil/Force of Nature (for primarily Tank and Magic Damage) or Randuin's Omen (if its just a tank and all physical Damage)
the Bloodthirster
Black Cleaver/Sword of the Divine

With this build the more health they stack the more dmg they take. Also if they have a mana build it will run them out of mana with in a certain amount of time.

The 3 Phases

"I'm severing the heart line,
I'm leaving your corpse behind..."

Puscifer - Undertaker

Early Phase/Lane Phase (Levels 1-7)

The opening of Twist Treeline general starts with a gank in the bottom lane's bushes (anyone of the three there). This is one of the reason you take (Q) first instead of (W) or (E). Higher damage and you'll usually have someone with a slow or stun making (q) a little bit better then (E). (W) loses it's charm when it has no abilities to use it's activate for. Take a Longsword, Cloth Armor or Boots and how ever many Health Potions you feel comfortable with or can afford and head down to gank.

Once you've won or lost the opening gank if you Bottom lane you have a partner to coordinate with. Make sure you communicate when you are going to dive in to your oposition. Not doing so usually ends up with you waiting to respawn. Try to just last hit. If the enemy is given to pushing this is good. It gives you more room to chase them down when you hit level 3. Also be aware of where their top lane is. If you don't see them be very wary of trying to attack your oposition. Most times it means they are in one of the bushes between your lane and the Lizard spawn.

If you are top laning it hopefully you are top laning because you have the best match up against the enemy's top laner, not because you "Called" it. Getting pushed to your top and zone out of your lane in the early game hurts you a lot in the mid and late parts of the game. You want to do that to your enemy not have it done to you. So best match up goes top.

Just as with the bottom lane you need to pay attention to where the other enemies are and where your oposition is. If you oponant disappears it is likely he went to gank your lower lane so call it out, let you teammates know he/she is missing. A lot of times it pays off to follow him/her down and disrupt the gank. Sometimes you'll walk away with a kill or assist.

As with the bottom lane try to just last hit and zone out your enemy by apply pressure to them and forcing them back towards their tower. Placing yourself inbetween them and their minions. This starves them of gold and a bit of xp and allows you to grow, both in levels and items, faster.

Middle Phase (levels 8-15)

The game changes at around levels 6-8. The enemy will no longer just farm a lane and now both team get together to form roving gank squads. Don't ever think that Miss Fortune running towards then away from you is not trying to lead you to your doom. Odds are she is trying to get you to follow her into a bush where the rest of her team is waiting.

Team fights are pretty much inevitable. During these fights you want to target their low defense and health carry can send them to spawn.
While not trying to gank the other team you need to keep the jungle creeps in their place and take all the buffs possible. Dragon, Lizard, Wolf and Ghost buffs. Take them all. Because of Wriggles Lantern you can easily solo dragon at lvls 5 or 6. Always try and keep a ward on the Dragon and Lizard spawns through out the game. These buffs can tip the scales in your favor and the Dragon gives gold to your team in the amount of 180 gold each when you kill him.

Also by this time you should be killing atleast the first tower on either lane.

Late Phase (Levels 16-18)

If the game gets to this phase (it general ends a lot of the time in the Middle Phase) then it is simply more of the same from middle phase. Most of your build should be complete by now. Remember killing towers, barracks and the Nexus is what winsthe game. These should be your targets now. If you wipe out the other side don't port back immediately. Stay and kill a tower etc.

Here is also where Wriggle's Lantern is less effective and can be upgraded into either Starks Fervor or the Bloodthirster.


"Leaning over you here
Cold and catatonic
I catch a brief reflection
Of what you could and might have been
It's your RIGHT and your ability
To become my perfect enemy"

a Perfect Circle - Passive

Your (E) can allow you to charge through walls if your target is close enough to the wall.

Use your Wriggle's active. Knowing where your enemy is and is not is highly benefical, especially on such a small map as Twisted Treeline. Be intellegent with wards though. If you only have 1 ward and Lizard was just taken but dragon is still up you should ward dragon.

Your (Q) can interrupt certain Champion's abilities, like Nunu's Ultimate.

Your basic attack combo (without your Ult) is (E) then (W) then (Q) if your are going to use (R) : (E) then (R) (not only does it do damage but it gives you mitigration for both Physical and Magic dmg for 8 seconds) then (W) then (Q). You slow (R), boost your sttack speed and Cooldown reduction (W) then knock up (Q) so you have you charge availible again on quicker.

Xin is not a tank. He is durable Melee Damage. None of his abilities Crit. Do not be the first in if you have a tank. Unles of course, your back up has Flash like abilites and is close enough to use them.

Xin's (R) % damage is based off CURRENT enemy health and deals PHYSICAL DMG.

You can still knock someone up with (Q) even when blinded.

When laning don't be afraid to be aggressive. That doesn't mean turret dive and not pay attention to your mini map or chat. Always be aware of where your enemy is. Also don't be over aggressive. Last hit as much as possible. Allow your opposition to push you towards your turret so that you have ample room to chase them for a kill if possible.

If you have minions position to your back (E) can be used as an escape of sorts.

Starting at Level 3 with 1 in (Q), (W) and (E) you can easily zone out an enemy in your lane if not get a kill or two.

Be adaptable with your item selection. Tailor it to the game at hand.

Quicksilver Sash, allows you to cancel suppression Abilities and remove debuffs. Sometimes it is advisable to pick this up if Warwick or Malzahar are giving you trouble or there are too many Blinds.

Play to your strengths not your weaknesses.

**Edited for clarity
**Updated Basic info for Patch v1.0.0.115

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why health and armor?? i go pure damage and only damage and sometimes attack speed, no1 can fight me for more than 2 seconds

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Because of Stuns and Blinds. I've run across teams with 3 Blinds, that have been chained on me, one after the other. Without the Armor to mitigate the damage and the health to survive through around 6 - 9 seconds of not be able to do damage and reap the benefits of lifesteal ,I would have died and we propbably would have lost that team battle. Because I survived and they focused me instead of our AP Dmg Dealer we were able to win the engagement.

That and Xin has no true non summoner spell escapes. He has escape gimmicks in certain situations with his charge but no true "hit button to get away" ability.

Have a little bit of Armor and health can go a long way.

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lol well, i still go my way :P about 400 damage, crit every hit and attack speed 2 hits per second and some lifesteal, thats good enough for me :P

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Well, if it works for you go for it! That is what is great about League in general, while there are tried and true builds it is best if you play what is comfortable for you.

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can I get a review?

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when talking about the early gank you say you dont take the "r" ability but (lol) you cant take your ult at level one. the guide has good insight though.

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Heh thanks. Fixed the typo changed R to W.