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queue fix and server lag fix IN ONE

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add four servers and you are moved from server to server by LVL or wins

S1 The noobs Lvls 1 - 10

S2 The squishy Lvls 11 - 20

S3 The Bait Lvls 21 - 29

S4 The OP Lvl 30

S5 then the i dont care bout my record Lvls 1 - 30

Queue are on own server, thus fixing queue prob
u can choose to join lower lvl queue if after so long cant find match. but not choose higher queue

or a mix

S1 lvls 1-14 S2 Lvls 15-29 S3 Lvl 30 S4 1-30


S1 Lvls 1-20 S2 Lvls 21-30

ive got more ideas...