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[Mini-Guide] How NOT to play Parthenon

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Pink Cookie



You make a point about your team pushing into the base while you farm into the jungle. I would say that about 50% of the time, pushes are premature and end in horrible failure even if the whole team is there. I have seen this numerous times, especially after having killed a number of the opponent, the team rushes into the base. While sometimes this may be good, there is something to be said for letting the carry back off, get buffs, and mana up, while the team works on downing a tower. When the enemy respawns and they are all full hp full mana, and your carry is oom, you're not going to be doing very well there. If your carry is doing super well, and I mean that he is getting ALL the kills, as happens to me when I play Yi, and to some extent Pantheon, under those circumstances, you will be the first target as your squishiness makes you an ideal focus for stun/kill. I prefer to jungle at least in the mid game during those big pushes when at the most we'll get a single tower kill in order to ensure that when they counter-push starts I'll be fully buffed and have full mana/hp in order to totally whipe out their entire team during that counter-attack (applies more to yi then to pantheon). Also, if you have already killed all the NC's on the map while the push is going on, the opposing team has no ability to come back and get money/exp than laning, which means you will see them the entire time and can hunt them to your hearts content. This is all of course situational. Once the inner tower is down and you're on to the inhibitor their is no reason that you shouldn't be there pushing ftw.