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New widescreen monitor. Is there a way to change minimap size or shop size yet??

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Senior Member


Just picked up a new monitor. Scaled down most of the interfacing, looks great.

Only two things that reallllly irk me... the shop screen is absolutely massive. And the minimap still remains quite large (and the icons stay small)

Is there something I'm missing? I'd love to fix this.

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Senior Member


You could change the sizes manually in the C:/Riot Games/League of Legends/game/DATA/Menu/Hud/HudResolutionDefaults.cfg file. Just adjust the scale down a couple of decimals. Don't go too crazy as they are drastic changes. My suggestion, start up a practice match with you as the only player after you make any changes to make sure it matches what you are looking for.

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Junior Member


It would be nice to have a neat way of doing this in game.

I'm always scared of altering game files for risk of triggering some altered file account bannage... Though i assume that cfg file wouldn't be involved in such a thing, the paranoia is still there!