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Anivia appreciation thread

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The Swedish Chef

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Been an Anivia fan ever since her first release back in beta, and when I pre-ordered the game I made sure she was my first purchase. I also wrote the very first guide on her in these forums so if you guys want to check it out, feel free to.

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Those are useful too. My runepage is centered around as much earlygame strength as possible. Having 20+ AP and 8+ Magic Pen. (I'm not level 30 and don't have my runes maxed out yet.) at levels 1-5 makes a huge difference.

With my current item build, I will usually have 300 AP minimum in the later phases of the game, and it tops out near 700 if the game lasts really long. Because of this, I feel that AP/level runes wouldn't make a huge difference.

But, it's not unheard of to go, say, Reds as Magic Pen., Yellows and Quints as Flat AP, and Blues as AP/level. You don't sacrifice much initial AP as opposed to the all-flat-AP build, and you get a good balance of inherent AP in higher levels.

thank i think i will go with what you said except for the quint because with quint and blue at lvl 18 i gain 50 ap + 25 % of zonihia( don't know how to write it :P ), i feel that it's worth investing in it.

so i'm going for red magic pen, yellow flat, blue and quints ap/level.