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Olaf Tanky Dps build

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Ajax of 89

Junior Member


I stopped using Olaf at one point becuase I was having a hard time keeping my deaths down. recently i picked him up again with and idea to build him tankier but still able to cause decent damage. This build doesn't make him as good a tank as the regular tanks, but I've had success with it.

The items are listed in the order I get them

1. Doran's shield
2. merc's treads
3. avarice blade
4. emblem or valour (or any lifesteal item, but i prefer this one)
5. glacial shroud
6. giants belt
At this point i sell the avarice blade, and shield
7. frozen mallet
8 atma's impaler
9 hexdrinker
10. frozen heart

So put together the items are

Merc's Treads
Stark's Fervor
Frozen Mallet
Frozen Heart (Or someother cooldown item, maybe Spirit Visage)
Atma's Impaler
Hexdrinder, or Aegis of the Legion

Im still working on the build so feel free to critique it, I'm sure it coulld be better

My masteries are set in defence and I use Magic Resist, Crit % and Crit damage Runes

Summoner abilities are Ghost and Ignite