Is there a more offensive Morgana type hero?

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Originally Posted by Brozan View Post
Sounds like Annie with a tank build. You have to charge her stun, but thats something you get used to.
This or Fiddle... RoA is the way to go if you want "bulk"

Icd use annie though as she is the most like morgana in that she has 3 ranged stuns (potentially), 2 AoE stuns (potentially), and some of the best burst damage in the game. Her auto attack is incredibly long (morgana told me she was jealous actually...), and with Fireball, Tibbers, Flame Cone, Fire ball, and Ignite you cant burst down just about any character you want to at level 6.

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See if Evelynn works for you.

I personally thinks morgana can do what you wish already, go for an aggresive build and get ignite spell.

or else try Ryze, he is very crazy if use correctly. I once chased a full health mundo to death. His walk speed is something you need to improve alot and his passive skill is something that has to take note of. Once mastered, he can potentially cast spell non-stop.

Other tankable mage/melee: