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Shaco, Speed Demon?

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Silent Reaper

Senior Member


I started playing Shaco recently, and I like him alot. Although he is a little bit squishy his skills definitly make up for it. Anywho, I tried working out a strategy to play with Shaco and found that he is a god at 1vs1. Also, this is a carry build which is a little bit weak early-mid game, but in end game you'll be owning any champion 1vs1.

Masteries: I suggest 21 Offense, 9 Defense

Critical Damage, Full page
Critical Damage for Red, Yellow Dodge and Cooldown Reduction on Blue

Early Game: Start with Boots of speed and 1 health potion.

You're main priority is to get first blood!

So I suggest going with a premade 2 team atleast so you're sure you can get that first kill.

During you're first gank, one of the ways to do it (the way I usually prefer to do it is this)

Flash beside Enemy, hit exhaust, use decieve and hit him FROM BEHIND, and just keep smacking him. If you're partner is smart enough, and if the enemy is atleast a little bit stupid, you'll be able to easily get the first blood for you're team.

Congratz, what now? Get you're lane partner to babysit for you, teleport to you're homebase and get Beserker Greaves (+2 movement, +25% attack speed.) Make sure you have enough gold before teleporting to homebase.

Once you got that, the following are the skills you want to get in order....

At Level 1 - Decieve (stealth)
At Level 2 - Get "Two Shiv's Poison"

After that the spells you get go in this order...

1) Hallucinate - (Get only level 1, the extra Aoe damage doesn't help that much)
2) Decieve (Stealth)
3) Jack in the Box
4) Two Shiv's Poison

Now you might say to me "Why do you want jack in the box instead of Two Shiv's poison? I will explain later...


1) Boots of Speed
2) Besrker Greaves
3) Phantom Dancer
4) Malady
5) Madreds Razor
6) Infinity Edge
7) Wits End Or Sword of Divine

Other Useful items that you could consider replacing with...

Black Cleaver
Sword of Occult
Frozen Mallet

Gameplay Style:

Im sorry to all the people that are going to hear this but... Shaco cannot farm, (or atleast not effective as other carries such as Master Yi or Tristana, with thier multi targetting spell). Since you're also very squishy it means you should be careful if you're going to farm to make sure you don't take alot of damage.

If you are going to get ganked the best thing to do is use decieve and run. If worst comes to worst use flash or Exhaust to help you not die.


This is where you really shine.... Remember when I told you to get jack in the box? As soon as a team fight initiats, cast jack in the box ASAP inside the team fight area, then use decieve and start killing some of those champion! Guess what happens 2 seconds later? The entire enemy team becomes useless for about 1.5 seconds.... And trust me, its alot.

Also, remember to use jack in the box as a defensive technique. Should an enemy team be chasing you, make a jack in the box to distract them for that crucial 1.5 seconds... It can make all the diffrence.

Stats and damage...

You'll be hitting at around ~2.5 times per second with the entire item build (i think thats also the cap)

You're damage will vary according to the targets armor, but you should be able to hit atleast ~250 per attack (mostly because of you're critical strike chance, which is atleast 50% of the time. Now the reason why you're going to own so much is because you are strategically ready to kill just about enemy. Remeber to use to decieve to kill those champion!

In a 5 second teamfight you should be able do around this much...

2.5 times per second x 5 seconds = 12.5 times. But lets just pretend you only get 10 shots in...

10 x 250 = 2500 Damage

(if you get wits end)
10 attacks x 40 mana + 40 damage = 400 mana depleted + 400 damage

10 attacks x 4% of max health = 40% of max health.

So in about 5 seconds (the usually amount of time in a team fight) you'll be able to do a total of around 2900 Damage + 40% of the targets max health and you'll make them lose 400 mana. Also with malady, it should bump in an extra 50 dps because of poison, and get 15% lifesteal.
(Also, I did not include abilities such as Hallucination AND Decieve in this team fight, to give you can idea of what is you're "raw damage" is)

Also, in teamfights you're jack in the box is going to make sure that you disable the enemy long enough for you to kill them!

Tell me what you guys think.

Shaco, Speed Demon?

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Senior Member


Attack speed items are terrible on Shaco. Because he is melee-ranged, anyone he tries to repeatedly attack can just walk a little away and make it so that he cannot get those 2.5 attacks per second. You are much better off maximizing his pure damage and critical damage output so that your deceive does roughly 1 billion damage. You list how you deal about 3000 damage "over five seconds", but a well-built damage Shaco can do most of that in a single swing.

Given a Sword of the Occult, Infinity Edge, double Bloodthirster, Last Whisper, and Boots of Mobility.

Your base damage is about 100 at level 18, +50 from sword +80 from IE +200 from Bloodthirsters +20 from LW = 450.
Your crit damage is 200% base + 130% from Deceive + 50% from IE + 40% from Sword + 10% from Lethality mastery + 50% from Runes = 480%

This means a single deceive swing will do 2160 damage. From behind, that's 2700. And your regular crits do 1575. This means 1-2 hits will kill almost anyone. Your job in a fight is to deceive and take out their carry in a single hit, then Hallucinate and drop a JitB to hopefully get out.

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The Madreds seems like a pointless waste of gold to me.

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Does IE increase your crit damage from deceive? By how much? +50% more base damage?

Edit: Do crit damage runes affect deceive crit damage?

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Senior Member


Does IE increase your crit damage from deceive? By how much? +50% more base damage?

Edit: Do crit damage runes affect deceive crit damage?

Yes. Deceive does 4 things:

1) Flash to the target location
2) Stealth for 5 seconds or until one attack
3) Your attack from stealth is guaranteed to be a critical
4) This critical has an increased percentage of damage.

The critical behaves entirely normally in other regards, so it applies all increased crit damage effects, including Sword of the Occult, Infinity Edge, Lethality, and Runes. Because of this, the two absolute best stats on Shaco are Pure Attack Damage and Increased Critical Damage %. It also helps that more straight damage helps all of his other abilities besides JitB. When you Backstab, you are likely to only get one attack in before they turn around, so you want that attack to hurt as much as possible. Shiv gets a bonus equal to half of your attack damage. And the Fako attacks at a % of your attack damage. Attack Speed items with on-hit effects make for a very effective Fako, but whenever your Hallucinate is on cooldown you will be at a severe disadvantage.

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Junior Member


The Madreds seems like a pointless waste of gold to me.

His ulti's atks procs the effects of Madreds if u didnt noe that, so hitting a tank with it brings them down decently fast

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Guide won't work in higher ELOs. You will not get first blood without elixer, and even then it is not a guarantee.


1) Macreds Razor should be purchased first, to take advantage of the proc damage vs minions and jungle early
2) Beserker's boots could be replaced by boots of speed for more effective chasing/running away
3) Consider getting a health item to boost survivability
4) Consider maxing 2shiv before deceive so you are not a one trick pony. 2shiv has gotten me a lot of kills early-mid game just by skill progression.

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Senior Member


Madred's is for early jungle control, it's alright. I don't really recommend berserker, better to have mobility (good still even if takes 5 seconds and deceive is 4) or merc is they are cc/magicheavy. I also vaguely favor leveling shiv a bit more than deceive, even if you are heavy attack damage. Also, never flash in...you will be able to deceive in without having to flash all that way...use flash to guarantee a kill if something goes wrong, or escape if you have to early tower dive (now that it will cause projectiles to lose track)