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Noob in need, when is it time for runes?

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T1 runes are great, but the T2 ones are a little expensive.

I would recommend getting T1 runes until you hit L20 and can buy T3 runes.

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Master Recruiter


Title says it all guys. Level three at the moment, just started a few days ago. Just wondering at what point I need to start worrying about these runes.

On my most recent smurf I decided to not buy any runes until level 20 when I could get T3. Admittedly, those 20 levels were kind of brutal(especially on Karthus), but I learned to adapt. Once I hit 20 and and filled up what I could with T3 the difference was pretty amazing. Plus I now have extra IP I can use to buy more expensive runes, champs.

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Dont waste your IP on runes until lv 20 when t3 runes open up.

1-20 is pretty fast going, imo and you will need alot of IP for all the runes spots available in your book.

The t1-t2 runes + the few spots that are even open in the book dont make a noticeable diiference.

Dont consider combining t1-t2 runes either....just a random waste.

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T1's then T3's when you hit 20.

Even if you save all ur IP you may not hit a full page of T3's by then.

You might be better off focusing a full page of 1 T1 rune stat.

example would be going magic pen on reds quints and blues temporarily.
Where's most LvL 30 summoners only go Reds for magic pen.

Having something like 9 magic pen at lvl 15 is better than
3 magic pen, 1.5% dodge, 2mp5, 15hp IMO

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As someone else already mentioned, tier 1 runes are insanely cheap for 50% of the effectiveness of tier 3 runes. Definately get them.

About which runes to get: in my opinion it is best to mix things up, since different types of runes offer better bonuses on different types of stats. Unless your champion is extremely specialized, go for the following:

Red: Armor penetration
Yellow: Manaregen/lvl
Blue: Magic resist
Quints: Flat health