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Pantheon - The early game harraser

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Summoner Spells:

I use these because you don't need teleport thanks to that awesome ulti, and something that Pantheon really lacks is a +move speed buff. You'd be amazed how many extra kills I've gotten, or how many times I got out of that tower by using flash or ghost. Not to mention, flashing over a wall almost always saves you if you're being chased.


Vampiric Scepter
Berserker's Greaves
Sword of the Occult

After phage I kind of wing it based on who I'm fighting. If tanks, I'll go for last whisper. If lots of magic users, I'll start getting Infinity Edge, and if I'm fighting lots of carries I'll get Stark's Fervor.

As things progress I almost always end up with Infinity Edge and Brutalizer and Stark's(again, buy order depends on who you are fighting).

-wing it from here depending on what you're doing

I start building up W after the ult for the cooldown reduction. I build up Q first for harrassing.

Early Game:

Your laning partner is going to determine how effective you are. End of story. You DO NOT want to be laned with a tank or a melee. You do want to be laned with a heavy single target ranged, or a stunner. The best lane partners for Pantheon are Twitch, Temmo, Ryze, Ashe, Twisted Fate, and Annie. Veig and Fiddle both have too low hp to help you harass, and Yi, Shaco, Eve are all too defensive early game.

Pantheon is all about harraasing early. When your creeps meet, you should be standing by their casters and constantly hitting the enemy with spear throw. If you have one of the "good" lane partners to be with, you should both be harrassing them enough to where they have to stay out of xp range. If you are against someone like Fitz, this of course doesn't work and you should try to switch lanes.

I always buy lifesteal first. This is because you will at least be hitting your mobs 4 times each time you block. And, it lets you stay in the fight longer. You're going to be getting a lot of last hits and so you should be able to get boots + SoTO by level 6-8.

Mid Game:

This is where a correctly played Pantheon shines. Stay in your lane, save your mana, and get ready for your shining moment.

Keep harrasing, try to get a few kills in your lane, but keep pushing the tower. Now, as soon as the other lane starts pushing close to your tower, get in the bushes. Drop your ulti BEHIND the other lane's enemies. You want to effectively trap them between taking damage from your ulti or getting in the tower. Coordinate this, so that your team can push into them at the same time.

Land, hit Q, hit W, hit E, hit Q again. Game over for one of them. Hopefully game over for both if your team was on the ball.

Now, trudge through middle and harass that person back to the tower helping your mid out. By this point, your lane should be pushed back some, both you and mid should go help the partner you left and hopefully pick up another kill.

They're onto you now, so it's time to get those jungle buffs. Always keep golem, and preferably take theirs so they can't have it. Lizard is nice, but not mandatory like Yi.

End Game:

If you played mid game right you are fed. If it's so-so, I hate to break this to you, but Pantheon has no "ZOMG" end game. You're going to be in team fights, and hanging back. Don't drop your ulti in the middle of them unless you are just trying to scatter or have coordinated, because YOU will be landing there and then get roflstomped.

If you fed, it's time to solo. Your team should have 3-4 people running together, and you should be in another lane. You have lots of GTFO thanks to Ghost/Flash. Push the lane until you see the other team peeling off, then ulti into the remnants of their team that didn't peel.

Random Thoughts:

At level 15+, with a decent item build, you can easily tank a tower thanks to pantheon's passive. I block every other tower attack.

Early game, keeping block up is IMPORTANT. Especially against casters who try to keep their mana up by just auto attacking you.

If you are doing great, maxing out E is amazing for team fights. If you are doing so-so maxing Q/W are more important for trying to gank.

Pantheon is a lot like Yi. But, don't get overconfident, because he does NOT have Yi's highlander and that's what makes Yi amazing.

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Decent guide. You can tell you started as yi

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wrong section use the guides and strategy section next time.

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thanks to that awesome ulti


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wrong section use the guides and strategy section next time.

Ugh what?

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Go for this :

Spell order


Item build

Vampiric Scepter as starting
Sorcerer's Shoes or Berserker as boots
Get Big F*cking sword and Infinity Edge right away
Get Malady if you got Sorcerer's shoes above.
If you got Berserker, spare your scepter for Bloodthirster.
Get two more IEs or get Bloodthirsters
Free to get beef items.

This way, you can rolls hard.
Because half of your spells are defending on damage.

And you can farm incredibly well since you get BFS because you can kill ranged minions right away with Heartseeking strike. And champs.

But late game, you can do nothing because of your fragile squishy body.
Get beef gears.