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@Phreak- Pantheon problems

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I still can't see Pantheons ultimate circle.

SO as I have said multiple times. I have not seen Pantheon's ult in MONTHS. Not at all. 0 times. It doesn't matter what level of terrain he's on I just can't see it. You guys say you fixed this. I say no you didn't. Other people have had this same problem. I just had a Pantheon on my team and I never saw his ult circle.

Fix this or tell me how I can fix it. Inform me. Because this is the most frustrating thing ever to have a bug that effects almost no one else besides a very small minority.

EDIT: If you're experiencing this problem then post your Dxdiag in this thread or create a ticket w/ the dxdiag included.

to get to dxdiag go to start>run>dxdiag and click "save all information". Just save it to your desktop or something. Upload it and you're done very simple.

Red response please! I hate getting critted for 1000 damage and being raged at by teamates because of a game breaking bug.