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@RIOT on delays

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what is up with the delays on everything?? every single one of your upgrades either has been delayed or been "soon" for ever!!! but champs come out like clockwork without delay every two weeks and maokai was delayed one day sooo that doesnt count... and co-op vs AI?? didnt i hear somewhere i think it was from you guys... in fact im positive that it was said THAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO COME OUT LAST WEEK AND ALL YOU CAN SAY NOW IS SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 WTF?!?!?! HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE YOUR SERVERS BEEFED UP?!?! YOU MAKE LIKE 48793987214 DOLLARS EVERYTIME A NEW CHAMP COMES OUT!!!! NOT TO MENTION YOU PROMISED US REPLAYS AND THE FAN BASE HAS IT MADE BEFORE YOU DO!!!!! so keep releasing your teemo skins and get "soon" copyrighted. because this fall most of your fan base will leave for DotA 2... and it wont matter if magma chamber is out by then, because your fan base has already lost faith in you.
the definition of soon: soon (sn)
adv. soon·er, soon·est
1. In the near future; shortly.
2. Without hesitation; promptly: came as soon as possible.
3. Before the usual or appointed time; early.
4. With willingness; readily: I'd as soon leave right now.

one year does not constitute soon... even if it was going to be a long time. a company relies on its clients and the clients want an honest company... have you ever heard of a successful bank being dishonest with their clients and still having clients after the fact?? no. because it doesn't happen. And i've seen multiple times on the forums the excuse "we dont want our rivals getting hold of our new data and using it, so we cannot release more info on this topic" HOW DOES A GENERAL RELEASE DATE HELP YOUR RIVALS AT ALL?!?!?! EVERY GAME HAS A RELEASE DATE!!!! i have never played a game where the only info given to the players is "soon"
tl;dr wtf riot