[GUIDE] Blitzcrank: All-in-one golem

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El Jaun Zinco

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Originally Posted by Ninja Cyborg View Post
As soon as I saw there was no flash in summoner spells I stopped reading.
You evidently haven't read it at all, as I stated that the summoner spells I chose were my favourites, not the recommended. In fact, I said:

This is a topic where you really can just take what you want (except revive) and be done with it. Here are my personal favourites though.
There is no denying that Flash is a great summoner spell for all occasions, I was just saying that I prefer others. If you really wanted you could go revive + clarity if you really felt the urge. In other words, this is a GUIDE, for GUIDANCE. Its NOT what you MUST do, it's what you CAN do to do well.