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Why doesn't the game client verify ALL connections before allowing players to join?

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I am given an hour per day at work to have a lunchbreak, and have just gotten into LoL with a co-worker who sits right beside me. We played a game last week at lunch, and figured we would try and sneak in a few games every week.

The first game went off without a hitch. Everything connected fine and we won (Ryze + Morgana <3).

We tried the next day at the same time, and the game client loaded fine. We found a game, picked champions, connected to the other 3 teammates, but the game wouldn't connect. After about 1 minute of the tiny LoL logo being displayed, an error message is displayed reading:

"Unable to connect to the server. If you have a firewall, it may be blocking the connection. Please refer to your firewall's documentation. Would you like to retry the connection?"

If we attempt to reconnect to the game, it will never work. Once the game is over, we are brought into the post-game lobby with the rest of the game's players. We are given the inevitable Loss AND a Leave... but we didn't even connect to the game in the first place?

We tried playing another game the day after, and we were able to connect just fine. We played and won and it was great.

Now, we're sitting here locked out again spamming Retry in hopes that it'll work, but it's futile. We're about to get another Loss and another Leave, even though we were never able to connect in the first place.

Now, most of you are thinking: "Idiots! Don't play at work!" or "Just change your firewall settings!". We're trying to get IT to open up the ports, but that doesn't solve the problem of not being able to trust the game client to work 100% of the time. I don't want to try playing this game anymore here as I feel like it's too unreliable and I'll ruin my IP bonus for not leaving, as well as rack up undeserved losses and leaves.

Proposed Solution:
Add some sort of "Connection Test" option in the settings menu that runs a quick check to ensure that the computer you are playing on can connect to ALL services. I'm able to connect to the game client, log in, matchmake, and even join a 5-man lobby where people are picking heroes. It would be invaluable to be able to check what services I'm failing on, and have a tool to display what ports need to be opened to access it.

It would fix:
-Ruining games due to teammates having connections blocked. Right now, there is a 3v5 going on due to me and my friend being unable to connect and not knowing why. We wouldn't have even tried if we knew we were unable to connect to the actual game, which would have prevented our poor 3 teammates from playing a useless impossible battle.
-Incorrectly giving 'Leaver' marks to people who legitimately tried to play the game, but were blocked.
-Frustrating players who don't understand why the connection would not work.

TL;DR Summary:

Add a 'Connection Test' to prevent players from attempting to join a game, but being refused by some online service due to firewall settings. This would fix a multitude of problems and would allow players to feel confident with their connectivity, as well as provide an easy troubleshooting tool to display which services are unable to connect, and which ports need to be opened.

(We played 1 game, connected fine. Player another, failed. Played another, connected. Played another, failed.)

Also, is there any way to get Leaves pardoned? Are they forgiven over time? I have 2 leaves now due to this and makes me look like a chump. Just curious.

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Tried again at lunch after IT apparently opened up the ports, but still unable to connect. We found out after that they apparently missed a couple, but we had no reason to believe it wouldn't connect. We tried connecting to just eachother and it worked fine in a practice game, but I guess something is going wrong when we try and connect to people outside of our network.

So, racked up another leave, broke my leave-free streak, and ruined the game for 3 team-mates (who now have to wait for the game to end to play a real game).

Can you guys at least answer me this; why doesn't the game check during matchmaking if all the required connections can be made? Why is it that I can get so far into the game setup process if eventually it's not going to work anyway? Can't all connections be tested during matchmaking? It's extremely misleading and frustrating, and I KNOW I can't be the only one this is happening to.