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Season 2 suggestions

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bump. Let riot see we mean them to work on this, ASAP.

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There's truly brilliant ideas in this thread..

Clan +1
New modes +1

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I want to see purchasing multiple runes at once in the store. It is frustrating to have to count out how many times you hit the unlock button. Please please add this right.

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To put it simply. Runes purchasable for riot points. Scaling on how much IP they already cost. See no reason why you can not buy runes for Riot Points. Would you not make far much more money with the people buying runes?

As well Deadmode purchases are made on a distinct way. The type of way if something like you suggested ever came in it would be very buggy. Hard to explain without becomeing super technical though there is a reason it already lags abit when you make each purchase.

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When does season 2 start ?

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Dark APB

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My suggestion on leavers

copy and paste from the thread i created to suggest this in

Leavers: They ruin every game they decide to leave... Or do they? A solution to make everyone happy

Generally when you first encounter a leaver it makes 9-2 people's lives miserable. Riot thinks if the player does this 20ish times he will be banned and that will solve everything.. Well sure that player is banned now for a day maybe but now he succeeded in ruining 180-40 people's gaming experiences.

Thats just plain unacceptable IMO, To make matters worse if one of those 180-40 people wish to escape the misery that is a game with a leaver. They to get punished THE SAME WAY a leaver would get punished.

So unfair. Why force us to stay in these horrible games with effort. Generally when a leaver comes. I give up hope and just run in circles intill i can surrender or the game ends.. Nothing else you can really do

Ive actually had a thought about this


Something very simple would be:

  • For the team with the leaver, Every leaver would add a bonus to IP and EXP.

  • Maybe +40-+50 IP / Exp per leaver , to the side with the leaver(s) (Or whatever number riot decides on)

  • Perhaps the bonus would be halved for each stacking leaver as to not be to over powered. Whatever needs to be done

This way those who are suffering in their horrible handicapped game will be rewarded for staying. a 4/5 only encourages the handicapped team to leave and have themselves be banned simply because they didn't want to play a unfair game.

This way it also encourages people to stay in a game even though leavers are there. If your going to be getting as much ip / exp if you were going to win in the first place or close to it, (Or maybe even more if more leavers)

This would be a very easy way to solve things and would make both the losing team and winning team happy. whilst still making them fight hard. till the end... Instead of people giving up or leaving because: "Their stuck on the team with the leaver and forced in a match for 40 mins just to lose and get low ip and exp"

Thumbs up if ya agree

Would very much like any form of staff or such replying to this.
This has to be the ultimate solution I have seen for making people still
enjoy a game even though a leaver has ruined it.
Without being to overpowered

Post your thoughts, suggestions n such etc. Type a reply " /Signed " if you simply nod and agree or post something more detailed. Those who agree or /sign will be listed here with my thanks. A simple thumbs up will show agreement as well. If enough people show their approval. Riot will more than likely implement this

---------------------------------------------------V Those who have approved V---------------------------------------------------
  1. [1]Vankelvern
    [2]Wuv u long time
    [6]Eekei Kun


For those who think this will be abused by people who will work together and leave on purpose, Here is exactly why that will not work or happen

In order for this to be abused you need 2 people to work together atleast. One with a dummy account. Also one would have to leave the game over and over just to give the 2nd maybe a extra 30-40 ip. WHICH doesnt even come close to what you get for winning.

So basiclly the reasons why this wouldnt be done is.

1. Someone would have to constantly devote their time to leaving a game JUST for a tiny bonus that isnt even near what you would get if you won

2. The person who is getting the extra ip which again is hardly anything has to deal with loseing and forced to be in matches that are loseing for 15-20 minutes a piece if not longer

3. Pretty much you get 150 if you win lets say in ip , EVEN with 1 bonus youd only get 100ish. Why? How often do you win a match when ur side has a leaver?

This wont be abused simply because it is FAR more effective to just win and abuseing this would just be a pure pain in the arse when it still isnt even worth abuseing for such a small bonus PLUS stacking up Losses really ruins ur E-Peen.

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Yo Im Rafael

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1) Increase the player limit to 12 at a minimum, and enable this player limit on ALL maps for custom games. Just so we can have fun stuffing around in an overcrowded Twisted Treeline.

2) A new map where minions reign supreme, and champions play a supporting role. Minions will have much higher mitigation. Teamfights will be centred on creep waves rather than towers. Perhaps in this map, the end objective can defend itself, has extremely high Armour/Mdef, and minions deal true damage, emphasing minion importance. Towers should be sparse, if any. The end objectives are towards the centre of the map rather than safely tucked away in a base. Minions will take a roundabout route to the objective; 2/3 will be directed on an offensive path, 1/3 of the spawn will take a defensive path past their objective; the offensive minions follow a path engineered to avoid their fighting without champion intervention.

3) Remove Siege resistance from Super Creeps. Seriously. They have high enough health. Do they really need anymore?

4) Reduce minion health, increase Armour and Mdef by corresponding amounts. This will make penetration and True Damage matter more.

5) Organise post-game stat displays as I detailed here (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=821198). This will make it possible to extract meaning from post-game stats at a glance, with no need for players to manually parse the information.

6) An asymmetric map. Teams have different objectives to complete. For example Blue Team must scour the map for randomly spawning relics, and spawns more powerful minions. Purple Team has no Nexus, but must push the enemy Nexus with their weaker minions. This would hopefully lead to a game where large scale teamfights are discouraged, in favour of small skirmishes all over the map.

7) A 4v4v4 map. Yes, that's three teams, and also sort of why I would like a 12 player limit. Objectives could be symmetric or asymmetric.