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Matchmaking and the problems.

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Thank you for reading.
First of all, I play in the EU. But I got linked here, cause here is RIOT and in europe we just got some mods with no influence at all.

I will start with 3 different situations, wich at the end will hopefully show my point of view.

1. I start a game alone and get
a) a match where I win with no probs.
b) a game I loose with no chance, cause 2-3 in my team feed.

2. I start a game with some friends, we don't use teamspeak or something just wanna play a round together. One is lvl 30, the rest is 25 around. But we got some friends lvl 15. that sometimes play with us. We don't use special heroes or tactis.
But cause of the ELO matchmaking with the added points we get lvl 30 teams with ts and strategic hero picks as enemies the whole time.

This matchmaking system really demotivates me to play with my friends. I win more often, when I play alone cause the ELO destroys the fun. And so this game is not amusing, cause the 50/50 win chances just go down to 25% at best, when I play with my friends.

So for me the matchmaking works in no situation. Your system doesn't support mediocre gamers. It just support "lonewolfs" or "pro teams". But just the regular "a game with some friends in the evening" is competely useless.

I don't know what you could do to solve this situation, I just wanted to tell you that your games fun. But the teams the system makes suck. Especially for my case.

I hope my explanation was sufficient.

so long