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Do you want Riot to change in-game music.

Yes!the existing one sux! Make it more epic! 21 95.45%
Nah I'm cool with the boring poo anyway 1 4.55%
Voters 22 .

In-game Music

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Senior Member


Lets see it this way: when you play Dota you can hear that fast, blood boiling Night Elf/Undead theme music which gives you the hype, the rush , the thingy, bla bla bla... When you play League of legends you just hear that bland, boring, low monotonous music which makes me sleepy rather then hyper. What I'm trying to say is that LoL in-game music is just so boring it can't give me the fighting spirit. Riot should use that epic , heroic music like in the trailer or the art spot light which always make me want to pentakill.so thats it. music .in .lol. s. u. x
Poll Time!!!!!

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There is music in game?

I always just play my own in the background. Pumps me up plenty.

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I agree, or at least let us use our own music.