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MATCHMAKING fix it (idea in thread)

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I have an idea for fixing matchmaking.

How about:

Levels 1 - 10 in one set up.

Levels 11-20 in the next.

Levels 21-30 in the last.

And if someone does a premade with a lower level, put them in the average of the levels. And an average of the win/loss ratio %s.


A level 10/5/30.

10 + 5 + 30 = 45 / 3 = 15

Put them in the 11-20 bracket.

I'm tired of getting level 15s when I'm level 30 and almost 400 wins.

I would much rather have a level 30 with a 10% win ratio than a level 15.

THEN: Take the level brackets and match make them based on win / loss.

1-20% win/loss ratio.

21-40% win/loss ratio.

41-60% win/loss ratio.

61-80% win/loss ratio.

81-100% win/loss ratio.

Making the first 1-3 % ratios overlap and making the 3-5 % ratios overlap. This way if there is nobody in queue for the 80-100% ratio for level 30s or lvl 20s or lvl 10s w/e they can go to the next bracket up or down, for faster queue times.

So an overview is:

If you are level 10 with a 100% win/loss ratio you will go against other level 1-10s with 100% win/loss ratios and as low as 41-60% win/loss ratios.

THIS way making all the people in the game are decent enough.

And if you are level 30 with a 41% ratio you go against/team with other level 21-30s who win 41%-100% of the time. And not a level 30 who is 1% win at level 30, so you have people more along your lines in game play.