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Victorious LoL Theme

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Prisoner JV24601

Senior Member


We all know the LoL theme, it has become a staple of the game. So why do we not here it more often?
Let's take Monster Hunter, it has an amazing theme, and it's REALLY satisfying to hear it played when you're about to kill an elder dragon. Heck, even POKEMON has joined in on the bandwagon. In the newest games you can hear the always recognizable Pokemon theme start to play when you're about to beat a boss fight.
My suggestion is that when the game is rapping up, everyone's favorite LoL theme will start to victoriously play in the background! Such as maybe when every tower on your opponents side has been destroyed, or something similar. I just think the little things in a game like this is where it really shines. Who knows, it might even give your team that little push in confidence to decisively finish the job!