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[Problem] I just hit the Rune Cap (it's 50 per color)

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Instead of distributing my runes equally (buying equal sets of red/yellow/blue), I often find myself buying reds, as they are the most powerful for the champs I like to play.

I just recently hit 50 red runes, and it has highlighted an issue that I suspected would arise. There is a LIMIT to how many runes of each color will be displayed in the rune page.

50 (or 49) is the magic number. Once you own more runes than this of a particular color, you will not see some of your runes.

Currently, I can still see all of my runes by choosing a filter (such as physical, abilities, etc), but eventually some of those filters will still be able to have more than 50 runes.

I posted a suggestion before:


about just listing each rune type and then adding a x1, x2, x3, etc at the end of it. In this way, there would not be much scrolling required and you also would not have to worry about the 50 rune cap.

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So another words its not really a cap. Its likely set up to only visibly show 50 of a color at a time, due to client issues. Just use the filters, it makes it easy to look through 100 runes anyways.

Their used to be a huge databasing problem with runes back in beta, so it is likely a work around fix for that problem

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Heat n Serve

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Still worth fixing. The rune page is the most lacking element of the pvp.net interface right now.