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[Rant] How many times...

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Do I have to predict your death before you start listening when I tell you to STOP doing what you're doing?

I mean seriously, if I every time I tell you that you should back up and you don't listen results in your own death, why don't you start listening?

If I tell you to keep the fight inside our walls because our inhibs are down and we have no turrets, can you please take my word for it instead of running single file through the jungle to get wiped?

I am not the best player by a long shot, and I've had my bad games. But when I'm doing poorly and someone starts giving me tips, I LISTEN. I mean what I'm doing clearly isn't working anyway, right?

I don't attribute the inability to listen to a language barrier, or even an Elo bracket. I've played with 1200s that have no problem taking advice, and I've played with 1400s that will just keep on chasing to their doom.

Elo hell doesn't exist, but **** you guys are totally the elo sand traps.

By the way, if you're one of the teammates I had last game, I want you to know I don't mind being teamed with you again in the future, as long as you can learn to take advice when what you're doing clearly isn't working.