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[SUGGESTION] Tower Damage Distribution

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Well, another suggestion of mine.

Basically, I don't like the way the towers distribute damage to enemies as is. "Whoever touched me last" isn't my favorite method of how tto distribute damage. It pretty much makes tower diving like cake on a 4 vs 1 situation with no penalty from the tower diving team other than minor damage.

I'm just not the biggest fan of it.

I hate when you see the tower constantly change targets after each hit.
By the target switch, the tower loses the damage bonus for hitting the same target. Also saddening.

But yeah, I think the system should be change.

I think, first and foremost, that the damage should continue to stack no matter if it changes targets as long as it's hitting player characters.

In addition, I think the tower should attack the guy who did the most damage to the champions inside tower range. [That might not be the best to code though.]

And that's about it.