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No! 4 10%
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[Champion Suggestion] Quervas, The Savage Beast

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For hours I worked this champion and now it has come to you! (Drawings made by me and sorry the bad english xP)

Quervas, The Savage Beast


Kumungu forests are known by the adventurers for their treasures, but some of these treasures are not made of gold and diamonds, but of flesh, bones and claws!

I present Quervas, The Savage Beast, a gigantic chimera with exceptional skills and superhuman intelligence.

Before becoming a chimera, Quervas was a gigantic lion considered the lord of Kumungu forests, and also guardian of an ancient king's temple, who lived in the jungle of the Kumungu several years ago and perished because of the Runic Wars.

Quervas protected the temple of everything and everyone who approached it, picking off enemies without any mercy, until find an opponent strong enough, a prodigy Noxian warrior who always carried a bird and had a look terrifyingly cold; during combat Quervas managed to cause a large wound in the leg of his enemy, but was defeated after a few seconds without much effort on the part of the warrior. Quervas unconsious was taken to the alchemical laboratories of Noxus and began to be used in the most exciting experiences of Warwick, involving chemical mutation and magic, ensuring Quervas abilities of other animals and a human intelligence…

Some years imprisoned in the dungeons of noxus, and Quervas only harbored a great hatred for the warrior who defeated him and also of the alchemist who turned him into a hideous monster, but there was something even greater than his desire for revenge, the desire to return to his home and his duty. But this would not only ease his conscious, after being infected by the plague of lycanthropy, Warwick destroyed part of his laboratory and with that Quervas managed to escape and return to Kumungu, where he was hunted by the inhabitants themselves, for being considered a Noxian beast and not more one of the inhabitants of the vast forest.

Without being able to fulfill his desire to return to his home, only a single desire still afflicted him... Revenge! Knowing the whereabouts of their targets, Quervas enlists the League today, looking for a way to protect his homeland and avenge those who had made him lose it.

I will protect my land and my mission with fangs and claws, but I will use more than that to ensure my revenge...
- Quervas, The Savage Beast

A great lion with copper color mane and golden fur, with large antelope horns, a giant scorpion's tail and vipers wrapped in his arms. Quervas moves leaning on his front paws like a gorilla and his eyes glow with a yellowish light. Moreover Quervas has on your body part of treasures found in the forest of Kumungu, which consists of something like bracelets somewhat rusty, sported in his four big paws.

Melee, Bruiser, Stealth, Jungler

Difficulty – Easy-Medium

Health - 508 + 71
Mana - 250 + 42
Damage - 58.2 + 3.325
Attack Speed - 0.61 + 2.0%
Range - 125
Armor - 17 + 4
Magic Resist - 30
Health Regen - 6.9 + 0.62
Mana Regen - 4.9 + 0.39
Mov. Speed - 305


Upon Selection

- They may run… but not for too long…

- I shall obey
- “Roar”
- Step aside human
- I smell fear

- “Loud Roar”
- Run prey!
- I shall tear them apart
- Fear Me!!! “Roar”

- “Meow…Ahem!.... Roar!”

- “Roar” Running already?
- Beware of the woods... the hunter will be there…

- Shaking the head and walking forward, like Simba in the Lion King movie

Physical Attacks
- Claws (Normal Attack)
- Bite (Critical Attack)
- Claws and Vipers bite (Viper’s Fury)


Proud Of Scar (Passive)
– The body of Quervas can regenerate faster due to the experiments, causing him to remember every battle proudly bearing all the scars on his body.

Every five attacks that Quervas receives increases his health regeneration in 0.7% of his maximum HP for the last 5 seconds.

Vicious Sting (Q) (Active) - The large tail of a scorpion from the deserts of the Shurima was one of the first exhibits to be placed in the body of Quervas guaranteeing him a powerful poison.

Quervas hangs his tail and makes it hit his target from below, and alsos poison the target (Give a Poison Stack), Posion Stack gives transformation of 2% of the damage dealt by allies to true damage.
Range – 600
Poison Duration – 8 seconds
Poison Damage – 10/12/14/16/18
Cost - 70/80/90/100/110 Mana
Damage - 70/120/170/220/270 (+1.0 per attack damage)
Cooldown – 18/16/14/12/10 seconds

Chameleon Skin (W) (Active) – Quervas skin was mixed with chameleon and crocodile skin, ensuring enormous physical resistance and the ability to camouflage himself totally amid the environment

Quervas has a tough skin that adapts to the environment like a chameleon, giving the ability to become invisible in areas of bush and gives great protection [Note: Can only be stealth on bushes].
Cost – 85 Mana
Cooldown – 16 seconds
Invisibility Duration – 12/14/16/18/20 seconds
Bonus Armor (Passive) – 10/15/20/25/30 Armor and 2/4/6/8/10 for nearby allieds champions

Viper´s Fury (E) (Active) – Quervas has in his arms two large snakes directly connected to your muscles and nerves, increasing its area of vision and attack

Quervas gets bonus attack damage and causes the vipers in his arms to attack nearby enemies; the last attack that Quervas do [Slow Stack] slows the enemy by 24% for 3 seconds [Note: Quervas gets a Stack of Slow at the end of the time of the skill, dissapering after 7 seconds].
Cost – 30/40/50/60/70 Mana
Cooldown – 16 seconds
Duration – 7 seconds
Slow Duration - 3 seconds
Slow Effect - 24%
Area of Effect – 390
Splash Damage (Passive) – 32/36/40/44/48 %

King’s Roar (R) (Active) - The most terrifying weapon of Quervas is his mighty roar urging the savagery in his mind and destroy the courage in the heart of his enemies.

Quervas concentrates all its energies to a point of increasing the destruction caused by their attacks. When he can no longer hold his power, he throws a mighty roar which decreases the morale of his enemies and pulverize anything in its path (Passive effect works like Blitzcrank’s Ultimate).
Cost – 100/120/140 Mana
Bonus Attack Damage (Passive) – 20/40/60 attack damage
Attack Damage Reduction – 20/40/60 attack damage
Range – 700 Range
Damage – 230/290/350 (+1.0 per ability power)
Cooldown – 110/80/50 seconds

Probable Skins

Sphinx Quervas
Ruthless Quervas (Like Pacato xD)
Panther Quervas (All black and without mane)
Amazon Quervas (Like a brazilian Ounce/ BR Skin)



Liked? Post! No? Post too!

I guess it still maybe need some changes, I'm open to constructive criticism! =]

Created by ScarRR and helped by llDullahanll

Abilities that will be reviewed
Vipers Fury


Reduced Range of Vicious sting from 750 to 600
Added Progrecive Slow Effect to Vicious Sting
Chameleon Skin Passive bonus raised to 10/15/20/25/30
Chameleon Skin mana cost raised from 70 to 80 mana
Reworked Ultimate
Fixed Passive Skill Error, Hp Regen decresead to 0.7%
Vicious Sting now causes poison instead of slow
Viper's Fury now grants Passive splash damage instead of attack damage
Viper's Fury now grants slow if the enemy have a poison stack
Reworked Abilitys to give more sinergy to Quervas
Add Quotes to abilitys
Add probables skins for Quervas
Add Base Statistics for Quervas
Vicious Sting now trasnform % of the damage dealt by allied champs to true damage
Vicious Sting Reworked (Damage/Cost/Poison Duration/Poison Damage)
Chamaleon Skin now gives nearby allies bonus armor
Chameleon Skin cost increased to 85 from 80
Vipers Fury bonus attack damage removed
Vipers Fury Reworked (Cost/Slow Effect)
Kings Roar Reworked (Cost/Cooldown/Range/Damage)

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Nice job pal! I wanna see him in game ;D!!!

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Junior Member


Ow, nice job! LOL needs more Tank Champ! ;D

- “Meow…Ahem!.... Roar!”

hahahahaha, i like! ;P

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Hammerhead Earth



creative, good job, we need a hero like this in game.

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XpLiCiT Kilt

Junior Member


Its a nice champion with a very good history,
I want to play with he

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Wiild Fox

Junior Member


Its kinda cool...finaly a cool beast
good job dude

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really like this idea would love to see it in game i;d spend all tthe IP i have on him

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Junior Member


Perfect \o/, just wonderful!

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Senior Member


Cool concept and great artwork.

But I hate to inform you on it's 2 major drawbacks.

1. There is no synergy at all.
- There are unique and well thought out abilities (Innate and Chameleon)
- But these don't really work with any of his other abilities.

2. His other skills are nothing Special.
- Ultimate is a slower cast (hence more painful) version of Feral Scream (Cho'Gath).
- Seeing he is a Melee Bruiser Champ, one would assume that more then one of his abilities would help
him chase down his target / Slow / Increase his movement / Enemies Movement respectively.


These Flaws can be polished out and fixed with some helpful input so....

Innate - Leave it, this works well on a melee bruiser champ.

Q - He has a Scorpion Tail, which would make one assume it will poison an enemy?
- Poison = Slow, DPS, Blind, Silence Pick one and make it synergize with him.

W - Generally W and E spells will synergize with either the Champions Innate or Q/R ability.
- This has nice Gank potential, but perhaps Form this with his Innate ability and add a brand new skill
- I suggest an ability that grants him bonus damage/ armour penetration against a poisoned target.

E - This is a cool skill, adds splash yet works well with this champ.
- However add a secondary effect that synergizes with a new ultimate.

R - Ultimate is very boring, it is just an unessential nuke on a champion that will rarely be stopping to cast.
- Add it to a short cooldown, damage buff that also reduces nearby enemy damage and armour when cast, stackable (in otherwords works sort of like Rageblade, where you need to keep casting for it to stay at its max output)

Make / Consider these changes and create Quervas into a brutal killing machine.

Also if you have time, please do a review of my Champ Savage Schafer, The Smoke Demon (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=6539543#post6539543)

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Wow, that make sense. We'll be working on him.