fiddlesticks item build

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what is a good item build for fiddlesticks? ive used him a lot and like him but always went with recommended.

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The recommended items aren't the best to go with on fiddle.

I like Abyssal, Soulstealer, sorcerers shoes, Rylai's (amazing on fiddle and no one gets it), Void Staff (sometimes if someone has a ton of res), and Banshee.

I usually go with boots/soul stealer first then whatever else depending on who im playing.

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Never buy void staff and magic penetration items at the same time. The 40% applies after the -X MP, so it's pretty worthless. One REAL nice item to get (and it seems nobody's really interested in for some reasons =/) is the Haunting Guise. With the abyssal and sorcere's, it's +60 MP, 72 if u got all the runes. On most players, that will negate their MR, which is REALLY interesting, 'cause it boots ALOT your spell dmg on them. In order:

1-Rejuvenation Bead+ Faerie Charm+ 1 mana pot : You can get ALL OF THEM with ur money at the beginning of the game. Plus, the two of them will be used when you buy the Haunting Guise
2-Haunting Guise:Magic pen +20!! 10% cooldown reduct!!! MANA REGEN!!! All the useful stuff for a very great fiddle, at a low cost. You won't need the health regen much as you have drain.
3- Sorcerer's shoes: You now have 40 MP, and almost everyone will be hit with full abilities damage. And you're a bit faster.
4- Abyssal Scepter: Yop, you got 60 MP, and all your abilities are overpowered. Time to get real AP
5- Zhonia's Ring / Rylai's Crystal Scepter: The scepter will slower and will give you much needed HP. And we all know the power of the Zhonia's
6- Rylai's Crystal Scepter / Zhonia's Ring

That's it. I played more than 100 games with this char, and got a ratio of 3-1 (wins/losses), so I thing I know what I am doing ;P