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How to have a better game

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I've noticed one important things that could be improved in Solo Queue, and it's not hard. All it takes is a bit of patience, a bit of cooperation and I guarantee you will have a more pleasant experience overall.

Please, please don't instalock.

Instalocking a champ is ridiculous, it encourages selfish behavior. For example: say you queue up for a game, and upon reaching the champion selection screen, you see that 3 players already instalocked Heimer, Xin and Cassiopeia. How would you feel? Not that good right, because how are you supposed to build a team around that? This is both frustrating to those who instalocked because they'll be crying "Where's the tank?" or "I'm good with so and so" while the others will be forced to try to accommodate for that bad team comp.

So why do people do it?
There are a few reasons, but the main problem is that people are selfish jerks. It's true, people tend to instalock because they don't want to give up a chance to play their favorite champions, and that hurts the team.

How can I help?
I think everyone faces this problem: "Do I play who I want to play, or do I want to help the team comp?".

I myself like playing Corki, and I'll always try to pick him in a game, only change if there's absolutely no other choice. But I try to be flexible, I try to have one champion that I'm good with in every single "classification" like Carry, Mage, Tank, jungler, assassin etc. and I suggest everyone do the same. Buy someone like Rammus or Amumu, who can both tank and Jungle, and pick someone like Sion who's both a carry and a mage. Bam, you used 4k IP and now you have champions that can fulfill 4 different positions.

So there you have it, an easy way to improve your game, and it's not that hard at all. So please, next time you solo queue, don't instalock, think about team comp and make the game more enjoyable for everyone.