Solution to surrender-or-not

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Those who live for comebacks can sub in for people trying to surrender. Instead of surrendering, the game continues and people in queue have a checkbox saying, "I wish to lose horribly within 2 minutes, please find me a hopeless game!" They get subbed for anyone who hit yes. The winning team receives similar options when the vote is cast by losing team like:

1. This is too easy, sub someone in for me (leave)
2. I beat on the weak (stay)

Those of you who bother those of us who do not wish to play 40 minutes of a game over at the 5 minute mark, now we can swap out.

A similar solution is to match people by surrender preferences, like:

1. never
2. sometimes, if way behind
3. if behind at all
4. 20 min

Just please keep Tin Cups and Smart People out of the same games in the future...

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Id be never always.
I never surrender.
To many times have I seen CRAZY 60 min + games that have resulted in a win to the underdog 4v5


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stupid idea because alot of people wont wanna play the champ someone has chosen that game.

if someone starts playing soraka. and then this guy comes on 30 mins later. and there losing. i wouldnt be right happy deffenatly if that soraka had been feeding NOT FUN.

this is why riot has passed this mode along time ago.

good try but riot already thought about it.