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ITT: Hatred!

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So many threads asking what you like. If you're like me, you have a lot of hate stored up inside. Even if you're not like me, you have a lot of hate stored up inside. Maybe it was that fatal Teemo shroom that finally tipped you over the edge. Maybe it wasn't. Tell me what pisses you off. What angers you. What do you hate? Any champions you absolutely despise? Regardless of how viable/good they are. I hate Morde. I just think he's a noob faceroller champion. Seriously you spam spells and then ignite + ult on a low health enemy. **** Morde. Also I'm not a fan of Pantheon. Or Teemo. I hate playing against Teemo. So. Many. Shrooms. So tell me: which champions/tactics do you hate? I'm curious (: