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@Zileas Several Community Questions

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I apologize in advance if I'd picked the wrong red out here. Your posts tend to make lots of sense to me and are usually well-informed. I have a ton of questions that I have not been able to find the answer to and think might be useful to the community.

1) Champion Buffing/Nerfing
Are you balancing the 'exploitable' skills of champions at the highest level of ELO play, say 2000+, Phreak's reputed 1700-2000, or some lower, more casual standard of play? Basically, I respect the fact that higher ELO players know the game better than I, but I want to know if the game is being built for them, or for me. If it's champion specific, can you indicate which champions are balanced around which tier of play?

2) IP/RP Goals
How many games should we play or how much money should we spend before we feel 'entitled' to a solid arsenal of champions able to fill any team role and to have rune pages to complement them appropriately? 1000, 1500, 2000 games? $200, $250?

3) Specific Reds
The variation between red posts and the level of accountability regarding things said is very high. Whose word is gold and whose is a little more relaxed?

4) Competitive Gaming
You clearly want LoL established as an e-sport based on the number of events, structure of the competitive season, etc. While admirable, the barrier to entry in these is ridiculously high. Will there be means for casual players to enjoy competition in any consistent community or bracket? Right now we're thrown in among thousands in our general ELO range and forced to rely on ATs if we ever want to see each other in a game again, and then only as teammates.

Ex. The Chess groups in the US have ELO restrictive tournaments, Where you can only enter in the range of 0-1000, 1000-1200, etc.

5) Community
Is there any intent to improve the functionality by which we can build relationships with other players, customize our personas, and so forth on these forums? I can understand why Riot might, or might not want that, but I'm hesitant to commit to a third-party community around LoL if this is going to become available here.

6) Game modifications
Google or even forum searches reveal hundreds of ways to tweak the client and game to make it do things we can enjoy. Your ToS is a very generic 'don't do this' though half the time, we see you semi-endorsing things like the replay tool. Where is the line drawn between adding functionality for enjoyment and breaching ToS?

I applaud you for having read this far, and I definitely do have a few more questions before hopefully extending my time here. It shows a lot that you guys are willing to risk your reps by posting in threads such as these.