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Why is there no solo queue for Twisted Treeline? Prior to season one, I was probably playing 90% Twisted Treeline vs. 10% Summoner's Rift, but I found that I liked draft mode much better than blind pick so now I play ranked much more often. I don't like playing with a set team because I don't have very regular hours so I would far prefer being able to solo queue on TT.

I have read that you have considered putting in solo queue for TT but don't think it would be popular enough, but I have a feeling (since I don't have the stats!) that the current numbers are skewed heavily by the fact that you can't solo queue in TT and therefore cannot have draft mode. And in TT the presence of one very strong champion distorts the game much more than in Summoner's, so I think it would make TT much more popular if you could use the banning system