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What should they do with Irelia?

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Lonely Electrons



The biggest issue a lot of the community sees with her is that Merc Treads + her passive make her VERY rough to CC, Instead of destroying her damage etc. Perhaps they should do some simple things to her laning phase.

1) Up mana costs, this is a fair nerf to her laning, making it harder for her to stay in lane even with hiten style health pots.

2) Merc Treads shouldn't stack with her passive, 90% CD reduction is NOT A GOOD THING (Although, Blinds, Silences, slows and such still work on her un-effected)

3) Increase CDs, A simple nerf that has been used several times in the past to great effect.

4) Reduce Base Stats (Armor, MR etc.)

What do you think LoL Community? If so many people find her Laning phase OP nerf it SLIGHTLY.