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@Riot: Vlad's Q is unrealistic

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logic and video games usually dont sit well together..nuff said

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Having trouble with Vladimir?

1. Don't lane against him if you're playing a champ that needs levels to be effective

2. Let a good harasser go against him.

3. Deny Vlad last hits for first 8 levels

4. Watch as he feeds the entire game.

Forums are not the place for second graders. Please learn to read before posting.

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your gonna hate this, but his heal didn't use to activate when his q was blocked. its the ONLY buff they ever gave him.
Vlads early game right now is trash (pre lvl7) because the cd on his transfusion is to long. People complain about it because its a heal, its free, and it has a short cooldown. People also complain about his pool because it helps him avoid damage and get away.
Vlads pool vs tristanas rocketjump or kassadins riftwalk vlad still looses out ESPECIALLY without the speed boost it used to give him, not to mention it takes 20% of his health.
Once vlad does have his q on a 3 second cooldown it really isnt that scary, 3 seconds is enough for him to use it 2 maybe 3 times in a teamfight for a negligible heal and a little bit of damage, but to be honest the actual reason vlad is killing people late game if he got fed is his ap+stacked E+ult mind you his stacked e is taking 250 hp every time he casts it, lowering his health faster then his q returns it in a teamfight, plus the time before the teamfight when he needed to charge it.

tldr: Engage vlad early, engage vlad hard, and vlad cant do **** except slowly pool away and when he pops out get destroyed because he cant even escape now.

I really shouldn't have mentioned vlad. People really get their panties in a bunch over him.

I really think that vlad is balanced. I can't stress that enough. I'm not trying to talk about how to counter him. I can easily deal with him.

What I'm talking about is how if an ability, in general, gets blocked, it shouldn't create secondary effects (aka a heal).

But you bring a good point; I only recently started paying attention to patch notes; did Vlad's q really not heal when it was blocked? What patch is this?