List of bugs you've seen that should get fixed.

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Stinky Nut

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I'll update this list as you guys post them in the hopes that riot can take the time out and dedicate one patch one day to not releasing a champion and just fixing everything on this list, and hopefully soon.

We need to save up IP for these new champs anyway.

So far I've seen:

-Irelia has a vision bug. Turret produce less vision. You can't see everything in your own base playing as irelia.

-Moakai's W isn't a blink but you can use it do dodge snares (morgana's Q, Lux's)

-Ryze bug (theirs a thread about it already). You can cast E, and immediately cast Q to get a 1 second CDR thing going.

tl;dr post bugs you've seen in the hopes they get fixed in a bug fixing patch.
-Irelia still leaves orbs everywhere.

-When shielded you still see damage done to you, even if it's absorbed. More of a convience thing