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A little Amumu Feedback

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Hi, i played Amumu, The Sad Mummy on every game i had in the last 4 days, and i must tell this champ its great, from now on its my favorite and i will play it always :P

So i have to report some troubles that happens when playing with it:

- The First Skill, Bandage Toss, works right almost always, damaging the target and getting Amumu right to his victim. But sometimes it doesnt jump over obstacles, and the spell gets cancel.

I have two examples of this, sometimes i tried to bandage someone that its behind a turret, when it works i jump over the tower right next to him damaging him. But sometimes i get struck by the turret and i dont get to the target, plus the target dont get neither damaged or stunned.
The other example its when i try to use Amumu to kills neutrals creeps, because i have to go all the way around to get to some creep camps, better i just use a bandage toss that gets me right into it, but when i try to do this on the downside elder golem camp i get stuck by the trees so i have to go all the way around and the spell goes to waste.

- The other problem i had its with his ultimate not casting in some team battles or at least not showing the visual effects it has. This because i see the enemy champs getting stuck with the ultimate, but my team dont see the visual effect of it, the golden circle and stuff, and my ultimate goes nearly wasted.

Well thats my little feedback with Amumu, i will keep playing with him so i can feedback some more issues.

Sorry for my crappy english.

See you

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I had the same issues with bandage toss, sometimes you get to your target, sometimes you don't. Only happend to me with turrets and cliffs on neutrals. Never got stuck on a mob yet.