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Let's get this Irelia business settled...

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If they nerf her, I hope they don't nerf her passive.... that would rape uniqueness.

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Nyte Crawler:
No, the buffs Riot gave her a couple months ago were uncalled for. Everyone who played Irelia knew this.

Simply said revert those buffs and she's fine.

Those weren't buffs. The range increases to her q was nothing. It was done to make the people complaining about her underpoweredness feel like she got something when she really didn't. Besides, the way it was before left most people able to run out of the range before you could use it to last hit.

The range increase to her e was because her q didn't, and still doesn't place you directly behind the target and you were still too far to use the e.

The extra 10 damage per blade is nothing. What's 10x4-magic resistance? Not enough to really matte. Again, that last "buff" was just to fix some technical problems and try to get people to stop complaining about how bad she was.