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@Riot Co-Op vs. AI?

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All i want is for someone high up in the ladder to read this and understand what im saying. "Coop versus AI will be available to play in the coming days after the patch goes live, but not on release day." I do understand that things do take time and i am understanding about that but there is no need to promise something in advance and not go through with it. Its been awhile since the day of the last patch (02-16-2011, 04:10 AM) and all i want to say is why say something and not go through with it? If you plan on releasing Co-Op vs. AI next patch or after that one then just say so and dont mislead people because its been about 6 days already. You make the company have a bad rep among the community and people get mad, hence, why there is alot of complaints for many different reasons on forums for this and that. In end, from a person who does enjoy the game and the company accomplishments please dont say something and release it later down the road. Just release it when its ready and stop keeping people on their toes. My way of doing something is dont say something until its completely ready.