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[GUIDE] AD(D) Poppy

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So, something that will be very apparent soon. I have never written a guide before. Therefore, this will most likely be more of a discussion than a guide, but I'll try nevertheless ^^ I'm always open to feedback and ways to improve playing the game.. As I'm nowhere near the playing potential of others. ~Happy reading!~

Runes: I usually stack AD/level runes. This guide focuses on the One time devastating blow and making it big, rather than crit or Atk Spd.

Summoner abilities: Exhaust and flash are amaaaazing with Poppy's Charge, and that happens to be the first ability we're going for. For those who don't have flash yet, I reccomend Heal, just because you won't be as threatening.

Masteries: 1st put a point in improved Exhaust, then fill out your Offensive tree.

Poppy, a very physical Champion. She likes to be close to others, and when I say close, I mean throwing them up against a wall.. or a tree, however you like it. This is where Charge comes in. Upon entering the game, put your first point into Charge. As for what to start off buying, I suggest this item build:

1. Rejuvination Bead
2. Faerie Charm (Both can be bought right away)
3. boots
4. Depends.. if you're forced to come back early, grab Berserker Greaves, if you've stayed in your lane long enough, Grab the Tiamat.
5. Grab the other #4 item.
6. Bloodthirster
7. Infinity Edge.
After this point (if you reach this point before end of game, Start building the Frozen Mallet, this will help ensure team kills go smoothly)

Alright, let this be known. Poppy is NOT meant to solo. You should never be going mid, unless it's been agreed upon that an outer lane is being solo'd, which doesn't happen very often. An Ideal laning partner would be any ranged with a slowing ability, but seeing as how you'll be pushing an enemy to your partner, another melee works just fine.

This build goes for the early gank, so pre-minions, grab the top (or bottom depending where you spawn) bushes and wait for an enemy to show up. You can do this by getting fast at finding the two first items in the Tiamat build (it's a recommended item) and not worrying about learning your ability until you're on your way to your lane. When you see an enemy headed towards you, Flash behind them, and Charge them towards your partner, and hopefully into the side wall (stun), if your partner can't slow them, you want to use Exhaust after your stun wears off. This is almost always an early gank, unless their teemmate is quick on the draw with a heal and they have cleanse.

Ability rotation:

You want to max out Q asap, Always choose Q, then E, then W. Obviously at 6 you grab your Ult, which is Amazing for making a 2v1 a 1v1 and also works quite well for tower pushing. Normally, we don't grab an upgraded Ult until everything else is maxed out.

With Poppy, communication and observations with your team are key. If someone in another lane is pushing your tower, Run over and Charge him into your tower while you and your carry/other lane proceed to beat on him.

This concludes my first guide, and is extremely open to suggestions and Constructive Criticism. Thanks!