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[Suggestion] Autokick from non-even (aka 4v5, 3v5, etc.) games prior to spawning

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Frustration is redefined when the champion selection timer reaches zero and one of your teammates are just idle. It's gotten to the point that I'm completely fearful about it; I scrutinize the selection screen until all of my teammates grab a champion and be ready to exit the client to save me and my remaining teammates. Or you're waiting on the loading screen, watching the empty placeholder for a teambuddy not load. Gaaaaah.

Often, the absent players are not to blame and there are no malevolent intentions whatsoever. Between the web browsing due to lengthy (I'm averaging 4-5 minutes, but friends' records have gotten pretty high) loading times and plain old terribad internet connections, these circumstances "proc" more often than desired and almost always summons the fun police when it happens, arresting any chance for enjoyment.

So, my suggestion:

Whenever, prior to the actual spawning, a player disconnecting or not picking a champion forces re-matchmaking.

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Yes, I definitely agree with this. And furthermore, I REALLY hope that in the full game, stats are not counted for games in which you are down players. For example, HoN stops recording stats and effectively announces that the game is over once its less than 4v4. In contrast, I just played an LoL game ONE VS FIVE (I was the one who stayed-one of my teammates dc'd during load, two others left in the first 30 seconds), and was amazed to find out the game was actually recorded as a loss in my stats. Pretty retarded if you ask me.