[Champion suggestion] Bolt the Speed Demon

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Kid Heart

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Champion: Bolt-The Speed Demon

Image: Sadly, I lack the skill of a true artist, so instead here is the image that gave me the idea for the design I was aiming for.


Origin: To go faster than any being alive has always been a dream of Bolt's, though making that dream become a reality was another story all together. While he spent his time as a mail carrier during the day, during his free time he studied the mystic arts, hoping to find something that could make his dreams come true. After spending a few years doing research however, he had failed to make any progress. It was then that he decided to move into the field of mechanics believing that perhaps it held the answers to his problems. As time passed however, he was still without any solution. Then, one day, after accidently hitting his head an idea came to him that if perhaps neither magic or mechanics could help him reach his dream, then maybe the two combined could. Through hard work and labor came the creation of the Pegasus boots, shoes possible of moving any being up to 88 miles per hour and beyond, along with armor to protect himself at such high velocities. Soon after, Bolt quit his job and spent his time freely roaming the world. Before long, however, he realized that he needed funds to maintain his gear, and even if he returned to his job as a postman it wouldn't be enough to fund his creation. Luckily, tales of Bolts exploits had spread and nations lined up to hire him to fight on their behalf for huge sums of money in hopes that the opposition couldn't even manage to touch him. It was then that Bolt entered himself into the league and began to earn the reputation of "The Speed Demon."

Champion Phrases:
"Let's Roll"
"I've got a need for speed"
"Eat my dust"
"Can't touch this"
"You can hide, but you can't run"

Stats Type: Deadly

Hero Type: Assassin


Defense: III
Magic: IIIII
Difficulty: IIIII

Standard attack: Melee- Bolt normally attacks the opponent by simple kicks

Q Skill: Speed Cyclone- Bolt runs in a circle, creating a twister that sucks up nearby enemies, and after a couple seconds it drops them on to the ground, dealing damage and stunning them for a second.
Lvl. 1: 50 Damage upon drop
Lvl. 2: 60 Damage upon drop
Lvl. 3: 70 Damage upon drop
Lvl. 4: 80 Damage upon drop
Lvl. 5: 100 Damage upon Drop

W Skill: Blur- Bolt moves so fast that it appears that are two of him. His Image has all the same stats, but damage the image receives applies to Bolts own hp. Spell may be stopped by just pressing W again. Stun ends this spell.

Lvl. 1: Image last 10 seconds
Lvl. 2: Image last 15 Seconds
Lvl. 3: Image last 20 seconds
Lvl. 4: Image last 25 seconds
Lvl. 5: Image last 30 seconds

E Skill: Sonic Kick- Bolt kicks so swiftly the attack is unable to be blocked or dodged.

Lvl. 1: Attack does 80 Damage
Lvl. 2: Attack does 110 Damage
Lvl. 3: Attack does 140 Damage
Lvl. 4: Attack does 170 Damage
Lvl. 5: Attack does 200 Damage

R Skill: Rush-Bolt moves as fast as he can, causing his movement speed and ability power to greatly increase for 6 seconds.

Lvl. 1: Cool Down is 3 minutes.
Lvl. 2: Cool Down is 2 minutes.
Lvl. 3: Cool Down is 1 minute.

Passive: Record Time- Every 6 levels Bolts movement speed increases by 1.

Influences: Basically I just wanted to design a hero who's entire weaponry focused on his speed. The Flash and Sonic the Hedgehog where the two biggest inspirations for this hero.

Final Thoughts: I spent a few days working on this hero, and while I still don't feel that it is perfect I feel as if I have reached the limit of what I can do on my own. I spent some of my time studying other champion suggestions, while of course looking at some of the ones already in the game to make sure that it looked presentable. I'm not the best with stats so I admit that perhaps some of my spells might need a bit of work and fine tuning, so help with that would be greatly appreciated. I felt that at least giving a general idea of how the spell worked would be better than nothing. Constructive criticism is of course welcomed. Finally, I Just hope some people might actually enjoy this type of champion, and even if mine doesn't work out I hope someone else can give it a try and succeed where I failed.