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Suggestion: As an alternate to champion hitpoint bars

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There have been times, intense fights, where knowing an enemy heroes exact hit point amount would have been a convenience. For example, knowing when to use Cho'Gaths Feast ability to execute an enemy champion and receive the bonus. While it is possible to click the enemy champion and glance at their hitpoint total in the top left, doing so is a distraction from gameplay. For example, imagine a teamfight. You as Cho'Gath are battling it out with an enemy Amumu. Meanwhile your teammates are doing their thing and the other enemy champions are doing their thing; it's a big intense battle. Suddenly you notice an enemy Teemu's hit point bar has been reduced to around 25%. Should you Flash over and Feast on the Teemu? Or will he escape with 100 hit points because your Feast did not do enough damage? Only way you can tell is by clicking on Teemu and seeing exactly how many hit points he has left. If you are busy battling and microing versus the Amumu, it's annoying to have to click the Teemu to see his health.

I propose, and maybe this sounds a little silly as I am still new to League of Legends, that there should be a way to toggle how you want enemy champions hit point information displayed. I would prefer a "digital" look where a characters hit point information appears as "1000/1000" or simply "1000" as opposed to the green bar look, as the green bar does not tell me the information that I want to know, and is more of a rough estimate of the remaining enemy champions health.

Trivial matter I guess, but just something that I caught myself wishing was a feature.

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Senior Member


I like this idea and would use it.

Just displaying a number representation for their current hp would be adequate (I don't think you need max included).

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Pandemic Smiles

Junior Member


I'd use it too. If there were some white text centre-aligned within the health bar that'd be sufficient and beautiful. WoW does what I'm describing very legibly when you mouseover your character's health (unless you have that disabled or set to always show).