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Thebeshian Loves Riot Games, and So Should You.

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I've been playing this game for several months now, and I have to say that I'm very, very impressed by Riot Games and their efforts. Sure, there is plenty that needs to be fixed about the League of Legends, but what is far more important than what the vocal minority complains about is what they DO NOT complain about. i.e. How fantastic the game this same vocal minority plays is, and how involved the company behind it is with the community.

I used to be a WoW player, and was used to Blizzard Entertainment's antics (I'm not even going to get into that). When my friend got me involved in this game, I was in awe of how much Riot seemed to actually care. At first, I assumed that Riot must be terrified of its player base, desperate to hold on to us. Then I realized that Jesse Perring works at Riot, and dismissed my theory. I then decided that this was due to Riot having a smaller game to manage than other companies. But the League of Legends is just as complicated as World of Warcraft, in my opinion, and Riot is a small company compared to many of the giants of today's game industry, and yet managed to create a product of matching and even surpassing quality, for free.

When I read threads filled with whining and complaining, I shake my head in wonder. If your neighbor came over to your house and brought you cupcakes, you would thank them for their kindness, not slap them in the face and demand an explanation for why they didn't put sprinkles on them! Now imagine if that same neighbor came by each week, and gave you new and interesting kinds of cupcakes, and asked you what you liked or disliked about the new batch compared to the old one. I don't know about you, but I'd sure as hell pay fifteen dollars a week for the kind of delicious cupcakes Riot bakes fresh every week.

The forumers who write hate threads about minor bugs, or demand that their gameplay experience be perfected by fixing "overpowered" or "underpowered" characters. First of all, the supposed "character imbalance" is extremely subjective, varying on player skill, mood, and everything else you can godd*mned think of. Most of the character balance issues are being worked on by Riot at this very moment. Patch after patch, we've seen Riot address these issues to the best of their ability, budget, and schedule. In addition, the vocal minority repeatedly falls for the classic Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy (Google it), noticing only the issues that stand out to them, often due to negativity, and especially if they're having a bad day.

By the way, I'd like to send a box of chocolates to whoever designed Sion.

Happy belated Valentines Day, I'm going to go see that weird Liam Neeson movie.
You ungrateful b@stards. <3