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LF your best Jax item build, ty ty

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I want your info and tips on jax item builds please. Currently I use the below items and they work well for knocking 3-7 turrets per game (Knocking turrets wins games for me, especially when all teammates are going for champs)

Thanks in advance!

I use

philospher stone
ninja tabi
Infinity edge
Then I sell Phil stone
buy/make room for Phantom Dancer
and end with getting Banshee veil

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i dont get why you would need a philo stone on jax. but anyhow...

so much i love(d) jax, you will get queue dodged a lot because even bad/mediocre players think they need to dodge jax because they think that's the reason they lose and, most importantly, because the forums tell them to do so.

however, jax can be build in a lot of ways. if you want to go for towers as your main purpose a pure AS/AD build is best. i'd get ninja tabi, last whisper, infinity edge, dancer in that case.

other than that there's a lot you can do. AP builds are viable, AS/Lifesteal is viable, standard DPS builds are viable and hybrid/tank builds are ok as well.

damage utilizes his passive best.
attack speed utilizes his ultimate best.
AP utilizes his abilities/burst damage best.

just keep in mind that he's not exactly superior in any of these categories.

ALWAYS add a banshee's veil though where you see fit.

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Jax is just weak. But for tower humping, flat damage + attack speed, and armor penetration are necessary.

Basically, a Last Whisper followed by a Bloodthirster.