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Twisted Treeline Strategy

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Basically, I want this thread to discuss the differences of TT compared to SR. Which characters have an advantage, different combinations that work now, is that sight ward the lizzard gives too op, etc. It would help people know what to do on the map instead of run in with ghost and teleport, and Riot could get some nice feedback out of it.

I would start, but i havent played on TT yet. I will however try and keep an updated record of what combos work/chars and such.

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Every time I have played twisted treeline the match has come down to who has the better gank squad and who can put out the most wards. Remember that twisted treeline is very small especially the distance between top and bottom lanes. So if you don't see all 3 of the enemy champs then just assume a gank attempt is coming. This is why wards are so powerful, because they give you the peace of mind to farm or gank or retreat in relative safety.

Another thing I've found is that if you can jungle quickly you can rack up buffs and xp/gold very quickly. Especially the top where creeps are stacked on top of each other.

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I've played probably over 200 matches on Twisted Treeline and I'm in the 3v3 XPL league. and this is what I've learned:

Characters that are particularly good:


As a general group make-up I would suggest:

1 disable/support
1 meele/ranged carry
1 ranged carry/caster

Somewhere in there you want some magic damage, and preferably a ranged carry to help push towers easier.


Make sure to have at least 1 stun or silence on your team to shut down ults such as Kat's or Nunu's

Wards are good, you can ward the most crucial parts of the map having only 3 up at a time.

Control Lizard, this is possibly the most important thing you can do, it grants global perks and gives your carry a slow to work with.

Always have 1 smite to secure your creep kills, do it faster if its in a hostile area, and steal their creep kills. If you don't have smite you won't be competing for the creeps.

Having your carry start out with an elixir is something i still debate with myself, but it gives em extra life at start and hopefully will get you some early kills.

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AGCrew Bloodwolf

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Nanaz, what about Nidalee ?

What about a Shaco/Teemo/Nidalee team? It'd give massive map control with boxes, mushrooms and traps.

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gun fu panda

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Udyr and Jax will be godly on TT. Same for Nidalee. Single target disables will also be a lot more powerful, with AOE being less a priority.