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Advanced Guide to Laning : Early Game Pushing Top/Bot

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Verum Dice

Senior Member


I see people struggling to understand this even in level 30 solo queues.

NOTE: This guide only applies to early - mid game.

If you push the lane, meaning you hit a minion without killing it and obtaining gold,
that is "pushing" because you weaken the minion, letting it get killed faster by
your minions, which reduces the damage overall done upon your minions,
making your minions move closer to their tower.

This can be good in some situations for example, you're playing
characters that are long ranged and can harass/tower dive early game.
Nunu and Urgot are some that come into mind.

This is VERY BAD in almost every other situation. If you push your lane,
then you cannot prevent the opponent from getting exp under their tower.
Unless you can kill them under their tower, then you are essentially force
feeding them exp by pushing your creep wave closer to their tower.

If you push your creep wave closer to their tower, then you must
stand near their tower to get experience, making it very easy for someone to come
and gank you. And when they do come and gank you, you will lose experience because
you have to step away.

Solution to this: Only last hit minions. What do I mean by last hit minions?
Kill minions while dealing the least amount of overall damage possible to them.

Avoid using AOEs. to farm creep waves/ harass people unless it's absolutely necessary.