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League Judgement: Alistar

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After seeing how many fan written League Judgements there were, I was inspired to make some of my own. This is my first attempt at one (which is why you'll notice it seems like a shoddy knockoff of the lore written in the learning center). Just the same, honest, CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is greatly appreciated.

Candidate: Alistar


The large bovine creature sauntered across the polished marble. His rippling steel muscles reverberating with the excitement he felt. This would be it. This would be his chance to finally sate his rage. This day, he would avenge the wrongs done to his people; the wrongs done to him.

He rushes towards the enormous marble doors ahead, bursting through as a boulder through a straw house. He barrelled powerfully through the enveloping darkness inside. Heedless of the inscription chiselled overhead: The truest opponent lies within.


Alistar was dumbfounded by what he saw before him. It was his home as it had been when the terrible event occurred. He remembered just as before how the Noxian commander Keiran Darkwill had lured him away prior to the attack. He charged forward just as he had then, bellowing in uncontrollable fury. He tore apart an entire regiment of soldiers as he screamed his indignation at the poisonous treachery inflicted upon his tribe. Yet his baleful might was no match for the spells Noxian summoners used to help put him in chains on that fateful day.

The great Minotaur was then reduced to serving as gladiatorial entertainment to the nobility of the very city-state that destroyed all he held dear. Day after day Alistar crumpled all opposition set before him, wishing only to visit his wrath upon the treacherous snakes that enslaved him and severed his kin from his life. Slowly, but surely he was lost in his hatred.

Then she appeared. Her name was Ayelia. She became a fast friend to him in his darkest moment. He remembered this day, when she had his escape all planned out. With the help of one of the guards, Ayelia released Alistar from his prison.

Just as he was about to taste the sweet air of the open once more, Ayelia stopped him.
“Friend Alistar, why do you want to join the League?”; she said suddenly.

He replied sincerely; “Dear Ayelia, I wish to thank you; for you have given me the chance to let loose my vengeance upon those Noxian snakes!”

With a smirk Ayelia asked; “How does it feel exposing your mind, Alistar, of the Minotaur tribes?”

Alistar gave a half smile saying; “Not as liberating as dearest Ayelia’s gift to me.”

Once again alone in the antechamber, Alistar marched forth his rage in check for the moment. Yet ready to burst forth as he takes his first strides into the League.

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No offense bro, but this seems like the summary of another Alistar fan judgement I read a while ago.